What a juxtaposition: Claudia Ruggeri is breathtaking

What a juxtaposition: Claudia Ruggeri is breathtaking

Claudia Ruggeri does not stop sending the web and social networks into chaos: the overlap is amazing

After waiting, Autumn has arrived With the complement of wind, rain and hail. Summer is truly over, and with it the beautiful days when the sun shines high in the sky are also a dose of confidence in the future.

Claudia Ruggieri, Breathtaking Overlap (Instagram) – stopandgoal.net

Now days as gloomy and depressing as our mood await us, lost in the daily routine of long waiting at the bus station, the stress of constant traffic congestion and boredom at work, leaving aside the inevitable family and relationship problems between spouses.

Yes, We miss summerWe strongly feel the sting of nostalgia for the evenings we spent late at night at the disco or the club and the days we spent in the sun like lizards and carefree.

But for every disease, or almost every disease, there is a cure. And for summer nostalgia, nothing is more effective than curve-tops Miss Claudia Ruggieri.

Claudia Ruggeri, The overlap is mind-boggling

Model, showgirl and actress (she starred in the film “Eternal Love While It Lasts”). Carlo Verdone) lights up the evenings of loyal viewers of the game show “Avanti un Altro” he hosts Paolo Bonolis With his artistic arrogance Luca Llorente.

Not for nothing, every time As “Miss Claudia” she takes center stage, there was a peak in the share of Mediaset software. On the other hand, her exuberant Mediterranean beauty penetrates the screen and goes directly to the heart of every viewer. In short, all it takes is for Claudia Ruggeri to appear on the small screen, and it’s instantly summer, her colors replacing the gray of autumn.

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Claudia Ruggieri is an amazing juxtaposition
Claudia Ruggieri. Crossing legs in an amazing way (Instagram)-stopandgoal.net

She’s not paying, Paolo Bonolis’ ex-sister-in-law (she is Married to Marco Broganelli, Sonia’s brother, The ex-wife of the TV presenter posted on her popular Instagram account a photo from Elios Studios in Rome, where the game show is recorded, making her followers feel giddy after a summer evening party.

In fact, Miss Claudia Ruggeri is immortalized sitting on a step, looking to the side, and in the bathrobe from which she emerges. Crossing the legs that drives away his fans And their followers are as if they had suffered from sunstroke. On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, a few centimeters of the bare skin of the seductive Miss Claudia Ruggeri are enough Summer is bursting, or rather the blazing sun!

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