April 2, 2023

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Belen Rodriguez, Gustavo’s father was hospitalized: what happened

Fear for Belen Rodriguez. to meAfter the TV arc, his father Gustavo ends up in the hospital after the famous Island 2022. This announcement came by the ex-outcast’s wife from her social channels. Veronica Kozani posted a photo of her and her husband, wishing Gustavo a speedy recovery. Now she is the best mother of Belen Rodriguez In the comments, she explained to her followers why her husband was in the hospital. Gustavo has He underwent surgery due to a perforation of the colon. However, Veronica reassured everyone: the operation went well and her husband is on the mend.

Colon surgery Gustavo Rodriguez

It is not known if Beilin’s father’s health problems are a result of the reality show ilary plassi Or he’s already had it before. However, Veronica thanked all the followers for the support they gave her and at the same time Cecilia Rodriguez republished the photo that her mother took from the hospital with her father, confirming once again how much she loves them.

Currently, neither Beilin nor Jeremias has commented on her father’s operation.

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