Renault Cardien, this B-SUV will be talked about a lot, as it beats the competition in terms of price

Renault Cardien, this B-SUV will be talked about a lot, as it beats the competition in terms of price
Renault launches a new revolutionary offer on the market –

Renault takes to the stage again with a new model destined to make history: the arrival of the Kardian B-SUV. The company’s strategies have been announced for some time, but in recent months words have turned into action. Now, the announcement of the arrival of Renault Cardian on the market has excited motorists.

there Renault It is a historic French automobile manufacturer founded in 1898 by brothers Louis, Marcel and Fernand Renault. Since then, I’ve crossed paths with Reno Different historical stagesIncluding the production of vehicles and weapons during World War II, post-war nationalization, and subsequent privatization in the 1990s. Today, Renault Global brandWith a permanent presence in Top 10 best selling brands In many markets.

Renault announced Ambitious plans for the futureincluding the introduction of eight new models by 2027 and investment More than 3 billion euros, especially in emerging markets. This growth plan is called “Renault“, aims to increase sales volume and expand the brand globally. All this led to the birth of an incredible project Promising at the strategic level.

One of its first tangible forms was presented in the last few hours Rio de JaneiroIn Brazil during an event for the French brand: New model About to hit the market.

Renault aims to the future: Cardian will be the first piece

Renault’s goal is to enter a new era In the role of leader. However, to do this, companies are now increasingly aware of the growing market potential Globalization and demand. That’s why it’s new B-SUV Cardian It is designed to gather consensus mainly on Non-European markets. It is a model that contains the hallmarks of the brand, but includes some of them Best features Get a car at a lower price.

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Renault Cardian interior
There are several distinctive characteristics of this model –

So we will find it in Renault Cardian 17-inch wheels, Driver Assist Assistant, Multi-view cameraControl unit with gearbox e-shifterCustomize interior lighting and much more. At the moment, only the characteristics of the engine at launch are known, which will be A 125 hp with 3 cylinder. However, the goal is to exploit the modularity of the product Create more variations And more possibilities for customization. The launch will take place in Brazilfocusing on the South American market, and soon also factories White Housein Morocco, should be involved in its production.

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