morally. Science and Faith with Audifredi

morally.  Science and Faith with Audifredi

Piergio Odifredi will be the guest of honor of this first stage of the Etiche Dialogues of the Present which takes place today at the Mecenate Theater in Arezzo. Tonight at 6pm, in conversation with Sergio Valzagna, the promoter will talk about science and faith. The exhibition “Eetica – Dialogues for the Present” returns again this year, for its sixth edition, organized by the Castelsecco Association in collaboration with the Guido d’Arezzo Foundation and with the contribution of generous supporters.

Two days of meetings in the form of a dialogue, for an informal and spontaneous discussion, while respecting the necessary scientific accuracy. The heroes again are high school students, but not only as spectators. For them it is an opportunity for discussion, but it is also a stimulating challenge, as is the ability to dialogue with prominent figures from the scientific world and culture in general. A valuable opportunity to make them heroes and an authentic attribute of the event. Today with the “Orizzonti della Scienza” starting at 9 am and lasting until the afternoon, guests such as Giorgio Manzi, Amedeo Balbi, Paolo Bellacci, Piergio Odifreddi and Sergio Valzagna will pass the baton, aiming to highlight aspects that, starting from Assets. They contributed to the birth and development of science. From a burning imagination and stubborn curiosity, through coincidence, the unexpected, and even mistakes.

This morning at 9.20 Giorgio Manzi will talk about the dawn of natural science and the idea of ​​evolution, at 11.10 from imagination to relativity with Amedeo Balbi. 4 p.m. What is the role of the unexpected in scientific discoveries? With Paolo Bellacci and 6pm Is there an alternative to science and faith? Interview with Piergiorgio Odifredi and Sergio Valzagna.

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The second appointment is on Saturday 4 November again from 9 am with “Human and Artificial Intelligence”, guests Alberto Mazzone, Barbara Henry, Marco Bentifogli, Luca Gallastri, Roberto Battiston, Barbara Henry, the meeting will address one of the most controversial topics of our world. Time, the revolutionary and extraordinary advancement of artificial intelligence.


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