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Well-known singer Eros Ramazzotti expressed his pain over the death of a colleague via Instagram: This is what happened

Unfortunately Eros Ramazzotti In these last hours he was suffering greatly. We’re usually used to seeing him cheerful and happy, but unfortunately even celebrities go through their painful moments. He wanted to express his pain and condolences to the family through one Date that it Instagram.

The singer is definitely one of the most famous Italian music scenes. He is also very popular abroad, where he often goes to concerts and tours. for him career path career pathIn fact, he has been a huge success for more than thirty years, even if the beginning was not particularly easy for him.

Not everyone knows, in fact, that success was not achieved immediately and the first two albums did not sell much. However, he never gave up and thanked himself intransigence and you have talent Today he is one of the most famous music artists in the world.

Eros Ramazzotti, mourning on the spot

Moreover, Eros Ramazzotti is known not only for his work life, but also for his private life. Many remember his first marriage to the Swiss broadcaster and showgirl Michael Hunziker. The two met at one of her concerts in 1995, when she was only in Italy for a year. In 1996, they had a daughter Aurora And in 1998 they got married.

A few years ago I mentioned that divorce it was caused by Denomination Who persecuted and blackmailed her for a long time: in fact, they removed her from many of her loved ones, including her ex-husband. Today they both rebuild their lives: I have been married to a businessman since 2011 Tommaso TrussardiShe had two other daughters. On the other hand, it was linked about ten years ago to the previous model Marica Pellegrinelliand bore her two children. Today they broke up and started a relationship with Marta Delogo, only 22 years old.

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A few hours ago, the singer-songwriter posted this story on InstagramTo remember someone’s death too College.

Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti wanted to remember the Brazilian singer Mariella Mendonça, who disappeared a few hours ago because of a plane crash It took place in the state of Minas Gerais. The artist began his career in 2011 and released 6 albums, all of which were highly appreciated by critics and the public. I was too smallShe was born in 1995 and has completed 26 years Only last July. left son Two years, Leo.

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