Mourning Gianni Morandi: “… is gone” | Tears are flowing – Democrat

Mourning Gianni Morandi: “… is gone” |  Tears are flowing – Democrat

Singer Gianni Morandi excited everyone with a heartbreaking announcement: He’s gone

Just a few hours ago Gianni Morandi He moved everyone with a post on Instagram, expressing everything he had pain. This photo in a very short time collected thousands of likes and comments, with which fans showed all their sympathy for their idol.

Without a doubt, singer Emily is very likable, especially Sui social. Only on IG has a very large and unified community of more than 1 million followers, while the one on Facebook is more numerous. People love the artist’s character and the way he plays, he is always playful and spontaneous, and with these he conquered everyone, including his wife. Anna Dun.

The couple married in 2004 but met many years ago. In 1997 they also had son, Pietro, who inherited his passion for music from his father and today is a very talented young rapper. The woman is very present on the Internet and it is she who helps the singer to take care of all his personal files.

Gianni Morandi the death of his friend

Before meeting her, Gianni Morandi was married for ten years to the actress of Armenian origin Laura Africanand fathered three children with her. Unfortunately, little Serena died just nine hours after giving birth, while Mariana and Marco are fully adults today. she was a mate Biagio Antonacciwhile also becoming a singer.

For the rest, little is known about the private life of the translator Fatti sentare dalla mamma, except that he inherited a love of music from his parents when he was a child. His career lasted more than fifty years, but he showed that he is always ready. Just a few weeks ago, he attended a festival sanremoHe took third place after that Mahmoud and Blanco And the Elisa.

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Unfortunately, celebrity lives aren’t always as perfect as they might seem. The singer has had to say over the years Good-bye To many loved ones.

Today is the tenth anniversary of his death Lucio Dalla And he wanted to celebrate the anniversary by posting a picture of him with his friend and colleague. His words moved the audience:It’s been ten years since my best friend leftHe didn’t want to add anything else, as if to explain that it still hurt to talk about her.

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