Revealing the date of the match between Udinese and Napoli: The Scudetto film has something to do with the topic

Revealing the date of the match between Udinese and Napoli: The Scudetto film has something to do with the topic

The Italian League released the calendar for the 35th round of the tournament and revealed the date of the match between Udinese and Napoli: the Scudetto film has something to do with it.

The season is coming to its natural end. Azzurri fans hope, unlike last year, that this tournament will end as soon as possible to put an end to the suffering that has continued for a long time.

I NaplesIn fact, he can no longer fight for any of the goals he set for himself at the beginning of the season. Since yesterday evening, he has gotten the championship off his chest once and for all, thanks to… Vitoria DaleInter On Milan, which handed the tricolor mathematically to the Nerazzurri.

In these last days of League, The team will try to end the cursed season with dignity, even if the turbulent rumors of the past few days do not allow Napoli fans to sleep in peace.

Revealing the date of the match between Odense and Napoli

last year, Udinese – Naples It was a historic match for the Azzurri. In fact, thanks to a 1-1 draw in Friuli, the team won The Azzurri became champion of Italy For the third time in its history. This year, unfortunately, the music is completely different and the Azzurri are out of any Champions League contention and also risk failing to qualify for the European and Conference League.

Udinese-Napoli to be played on May 6: Round 35 postponed due to the Scudetto “Sarò con Te” (La Presse) –

In fact, the match against the Friulian team will not be decisive at all for the Azzurri who, however, are called upon to get back on their feet after recent disappointing performances.

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The Italian League announced, via a press release, the dates for the 35th round of the Italian League. Napoli will face Udinese on Monday, May 6Two days after the anniversary of the Italian League. Kick-off will be scheduled for 8.45pm and will be visible exclusively on Dazn.

The selection was made by virtue of the film's publication.I will be with you“Which will be released in cinemas on May 4 and will celebrate the first anniversary of the historic Italian championship. Playing two days after the movie's release, in fact, Italian footballers will have the opportunity to attend the premiere of the film Luciano Spalletti, last season's leader for a historic year, will also be present.

Moreover, fans will also be able to enjoy watching the film that will be shown in more than 100 cinemas throughout Italy and will be able to relive emotions that can rarely be experienced with their minds and images. The level of anticipation for the film is very high and all the Azzurri fans cannot wait to enjoy watching the film.

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