“The first goal is very easy to see offside, Lukaku creates a tackle”

“The first goal is very easy to see offside, Lukaku creates a tackle”

The Giallorossi coach spoke into the microphones of Roma TV Jose Mourinho Analyzing the knockout suffered by Inter at the Olimpico, he also commented on some of the referees’ decisions that he did not like: “I couldn’t be more proud of the boys, I’m excited to say that. People with fatigue, injury and fractures, with one leg, people on the bench without Leg, kids who have never played with us. We played against a team that consisted of two teams: Inter have a great team. With these premises, it’s not inferior, it’s pride. It’s clear that we came to the pragmatism of the numbers, 0-2, they made a mistake and we made a mistake The first goal is an offside that is easy to see: Lukaku’s position creates an overlap of Rui Patricio’s work. There is no doubt, then I refuse to say an individual’s foul, but I say ours and they scored our second goal.”

And again: “How the match ends means a lot to me. First of all, because the boys arrived until the last minute, even knowing that they couldn’t score two goals. The reaction of the fans is also exciting: not often in the history of Roma. An invasion by this group makes us proud. My words at the end of the match? Nothing, I said my pride to the boys and that on Thursday we will have to play again with our fans, with children, players on one leg and all the other problems. We expect this great stadium again on Thursday.”

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