“After the first set I thought….”

“After the first set I thought….”

Comments of the two former tennis champions in “The Phone Call” podcast on the Italian’s defeat by the Spaniard in Indian Wells

Bertolucci H Pannatain the “The Phone Call” podcast, focused on Sinner was defeated by Alcaraz in the semifinals in Indian Wells. “It wasn't that hot last night, and now it's raining in those parts as well. Today, phenomena have already come to say that Sinner is overrated without understanding that in sports you win, you lose, and most of all you can lose if your opponent plays the best game in six months now.Bertolucci commented.

Bertolucci and Panatta on Siner Alcaraz

But after the first set, I honestly thought he would score 6-3 in the second set as well, because the other one (Alcaraz, ed.) wasn't playing at all. I thought Sinner would also get the second goal, but instead there was a huge drop-off on his part, and instead Alcaraz started playing like he knows how. Above all, he moved very well, instead Sinner didn't move very well. Aside from a few flashes, like that crazy point, in my opinion, the putter has given him a great hand there. Athim said that the hit he received on his wrist bothered him a little. Has the match already been taken up? Yes, but you know, trauma always hurts, it bothers you a little bit“He answered Pannata.

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