Welcome to the 18th Trento Economics Festival

Welcome to the 18th Trento Economics Festival

Economy Festival Opening Ceremony Pictured: Giovanni Battaiola, Maurizio Rossini, Paola Iamicelli, Federico Silvestri, Mirga Carteo Dio, Fabio Tamburini, Claudia Barzani, Maurizio Foggati, Eduardo Garrone, Franco Iancelli. [
Alessandro Eccel – Archivio Ufficio Stampa PAT]

Comparison becomes interview, and the personal questions of even the author of the rai program “Belve” stir the answers of a man of church and philosophy, honorary president of the Pontifical Council for Culture. The future, tomorrow, also in the sense of the worldly dimension of believers, death, absence, love, knowledge. He starts right from his most difficult topic Ravasi, prompted by VanianiAnd It doesn’t have to be a taboo concept. “We are in a contemporary society that continues to pervert or pornographic the idea of ​​death, think of the synthesized voice of the deceased in a funeral chapel. The future is not a void. It is an absence that must be filled. Let us think of our loved ones, of our memory and our vision.”
The comparison continues, touching on existence, transcendence, authenticity and their opposite: “List – Ravasi continues – is a quantitative predicate, and living is something else, it is wonderful and dramatic.”

Man is also made up of emotion: “Art, like religion, is of no use, except to show the meaning of life,” the Cardinal quotes Henry Miller’s phrase: “When a young man is in love, the other’s face becomes a panorama. Love is a fundamental knowledge that we must cultivate without fear of treason.”

On Discrimination: “Before identities and diversity, we all have sufficiency, the human being. In this we are all equal. Other components enrich us as different flowers and leaves sprout from a single root.” Ravasi Which finally confirms the value of doubt, questioning, and going beyond that.

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Interventions continue Edward Jaron, President of the 24 ORE Group: “The strength of this project lies in respecting the scientific spirit, and trying to enrich it in terms of form, topics, languages, opinions and guests. After all, meeting the challenges of the contemporary world is the mission of our group, as this festival does, by interpreting the great changes that are taking place.”

The festival celebrates 18 years – and the President of the Autonomous Province of Trento took the floor Maurizio Fugatti -. The number of events, the look at the complexity, and the wealth of speakers and speakers demonstrate the breadth of this edition. Since this beginning we have seen the positive reactions from the public and the essence of pluralism, with 360-degree political representation. Trento and Trentino are the protagonists of the debate. I thank the work of the organizers, the scientific committee, the university and the municipality of Trento. It is a festival that enters the local and regional economy, but also talks about the relationship between regions and the central state. Like never before, in this edition, economy resonates with autonomy.”

Merga Kartia DasiruManaging Director of the 24 ORE Group, underscores the importance of the work that began with the previous edition and which continues in 2023: “We have worked on three development guidelines to make our contribution to this remarkable event: internationalization, increasingly expanding cross-sectional audiences, enrichment on a technical and scientific level The approval of young people and families shows that the direction is the right one.It is an incentive to always do better.Last year we pledged to ensure that we have balanced panels from the point of view of gender equality, and this year we managed to increase the percentage of female attendance in the panels by more than 10% “.

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City – so Mayor of Trento Franco Ianniselli It was filled with festival colours. If the theme of the edition is the future, well, we’re already writing about the city. With works such as the Railway Ring Road, which will also provide us with the possibility of burying the historical line of tracks. Trento and Trentino take responsibility, because they see opportunities but also to make their own contribution both in Italy and in Europe. Trento will then be the European capital of volunteering. Our city is amazing, organized, diverse and contemporary. Four adjectives best describe the festival economy.”

Paola EmicelliVice-Chancellor of the University of Trento, brings greetings from Rector Flavio Deflorian and from the entire university that participates in the Scientific Committee of the Festival: “An event that speaks of the future of the future cannot but make us think of a university that has its mission in tomorrow precisely, aimed at young people. Who knows if these young people find the answers they are looking for. The task of this festival is not really to be a fixed system of indisputable truths. We must impart to our youth the ability to ask questions, to question even learned truths rigorously and in a scientific manner.”

Fabio TamburiniPresident of the Scientific Committee of the Festival and Media Director of the 24 ORE Group, underscores the energy of launching this festival and then recalls the tragic events of the flood in Emilia-Romagna: “It is time to invest in the environment and to ensure that certain events do not happen in our country”. About the mission of the 2023 edition, he said: “It stems from the need to think about the future. To find the new compass. Understand what lies ahead. The speed of change is another characteristic of our time. The value of wisdom and experience is important.”

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Federico SilvestriGeneral Manager of Media and Business Gruppo 24 ORE, recalls the value of experimentation and expansion in the FuoriFestival programme: “Involving young people and families is very important. Young people have enthusiasm and energy even when they participate in difficult level committees. They are the first to ask questions and approach the protagonists. Initiatives designed for children include Adults too, there’s a nice, positive mix.”

“The Festival – concludes the general manager of Trentino Marketing Maurice Rossini – It is a great gift for ourselves as a community of Trentino and for all the friends who come to join us. To get to know new sides, ask ourselves questions, learn about global phenomena and become more aware of them and the heroes. Happy festival everyone.

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