Genoa, at sunset, science gives a presentation on Palazzo Ducale –

Genoa, at sunset, science gives a presentation on Palazzo Ducale –

Genoa – When the sun goes down and in total austerity that requires energy savings every evening from 6:30 pm to 11 pm, Piazza Matteotti turns off its streetlights to make way for the dim lights and the colors of physics: A display of lights, shapes and sounds transforms the building’s facade into a particle accelerator. Particles emerge in their race at unimaginable speeds, until they collide in high-energy collisions from which new particle fountains emerge. Among these nests Higgs boson For starters the name says nothing, but in fact the particle that gave mass to the elementary particles, a moment after the origin of the universe.

The proposed event of the Science Festival from October 20 to November 1 It is part of the ten-year celebrations since the discovery of the Higgs boson, which was announced on July 4, 2012 at CERN.

The discovery, which was awarded in 2013 with the Nobel Prize for physicists who developed the theory of the boson, He helped unify the theory describing elementary particles and their interactions, the Standard Model. To achieve this goal, it was necessary to build huge and highly advanced instruments, such as particle accelerators, with which very high energies protons rotate and collide, and particle detectors, which “photograph” these collisions. A scientific project can only be created thanks to the commitment of dozens of countries, hundreds of scientific institutions and thousands of people.

Italy, thanks to the coordination of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (IN .).FN), in discovery through the work of its community and the contribution of companies that have developed custom cutting edge technologies.

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(Mapping by Luca Agnani Studio and National Institute of Nuclear Physics with support from ASG Superconductors)

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