Welcome to an electric car: Ford has laid off 3,000 employees

Welcome to an electric car: Ford has laid off 3,000 employees

Building electric cars is becoming more expensive, in terms of material and energy costs, but above all in terms of human resources. As I mentioned before News agency And from Reuterstaken from major US news sites, and Ford Motor Company announce it 3,000 employees will be laid off2000 permanent employees and 1000 contract employees. The cut represents 6% of the 31,000 full-time salaries in the US and Canada and will affect workers in the US, Canada and India. The workforce in the workshops, numbering 56,000, will not be affected by this measure.

Car News Advertising text revealed: as is the practice nowadays, forThe dismissal was notified by e-mail, with a message from CEO Bill Ford and CEO Jim Farley. “Building on this future means changing and virtually transforming all aspects of the way we have worked for more than a century,” the email says. “You need focus, clarity and speed. As we have discussed in recent months, it means reallocating resources and addressing our cost structure, which is not competing with traditional and new competitors” (principally General Motors, Stellants and Tesla). The renewal will be massive: “We are eliminating some jobs, as well as reorganizing and simplifying certain functions across the business.”

Already in July, CEO Farley, in a quarterly statement, did not use half-measures: “[Ford ha] Too many people in some position, there is no doubt about it.” It was already a clear indication that 182 thousand employees in Historic American Auto Collection It must be resized. “Those who leave the company are friends and colleagues and we want to thank them for their contribution – we read – we have an obligation to look after them and support them, not only providing benefits but also great help in finding new business opportunities.”

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In short, Ford, according to his own plans Executive DirectorAnd the Thousands of employees are being fired To be able to reinvest in the increasingly sophisticated electrical business and related programmes. More revenue must be secured through digital services and electrical connectivity: Tesla’s strategy in action. The exorbitant prices for batteries, raw materials and shipments make the period even more difficult. In 2023, then, executives of major North American auto groups will have to face the union United American Workers To renew the contract, with a negotiation that is sure to be glowing. same union with The growth of batteries and software systemsFears of losing control of the situation.

Jumping this side of the Atlantic, there is also a danger in Europe and Italy of a situation very similar to the one that just happened to Ford in the USA. Stop selling diesel and petrol cars from 2035, released by the European Union in June, could cause a similar disruption to the entire auto sector. A few months ago, the chiefs of the Confindustria del Nord feared the dangers of it 70,000 jobs could be skipped in the automotive supply chain. The same warning came Written by Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti a year ago during the first edition of La Ripartenza. Not to mention that a sharp turn on the electricity would contradict the reality of it China is, and for a long time will be, at the forefront of this sector. So the Western world will hand over to the Asian giant, its main economic and political opponent, one of the strategic sectors in which it already excels globally.

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Andrea Gibbia, August 23, 2022

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