Coldplay, tickets sold out. Other dates announced in Italy –

Coldplay, tickets sold out.  Other dates announced in Italy –
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After great demand, the British band decided to increase the number of concerts, which will be five: two in Naples and three in Milan.

Coldplay tickets went on sale this time, too. Thousands of fans were already lining up at the authorized locations this morning to win at least one ticket. So the Chris Martin group decided to increase the number of dates, from 2 to 5. The original stages remained, that is, June 21, 2023 in Naples and June 25 and 26, 2023 in Milan. In addition to these two new appointments: one in Naples on June 22 and the other in Milan on June 28, respectively, at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium and at San Siro. Italian fans breathe a sigh of relief. They will finally be able to meet Coldplay on the Music Of The Spheres World Tour.

Where can they buy it?

My Live Nation subscribers can already purchase tickets today, while others will have to wait for tomorrow, Thursday, August 25. We are now in the midst of a big challenge, the ticket race. Fortunately, with a few more dates, it will be possible not to be disappointed that they will run out in a few minutes. In 2016, tickets were sold out in record time. At Ticketone and Ticketmaster, tickets go on sale tomorrow starting at 10.00. The purchase limit per customer is 4 tickets during the pre-sale period, while increasing to 6 tickets in the general sale. Please note that tickets are nominal and the price varies according to the date and type of ticket. In Naples as in Milan, prices range from a minimum of 57.50 euros (6th numbered sector) to a maximum of 172.50 euros (1st numbered sector).

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Prices – Naples

Prato: €103.50 (€90 + pre-sale €13.50); First sector numbered: €172.50 (€150 + pre-sale €22.50); The second numbered sector: 138.00 euros (120 euros + advance offer 18.00 euros); The third numbered sector: €97.75 (€85 + presale €12.75); Fourth: €74.75 (€65 + €9.75 before sale); Numbered Sector V: 63.25 € (55 € + 8.25 € for pre-sale); Numbered Sector VI: 57.50 euros (50 euros + presale 7.50 euros).

Prices – Milan

Prato: €109.25 (€95 + €14.25 for pre-sale); First sector numbered: €172.50 (€150 + pre-sale €22.50); Sector numbered two: €143.75 (€125 + €18.75 for pre-sale); 3rd Numbered Sector: €109.25 (€95 + €14.25 for pre-sale); Fourth: €92.00 (€80 + €12.00 before sale); Numbered Sector V: €74.75 (€65 + presale €9.75); Numbered Sector VI: 57.50 euros (50 euros + presale 7.50 euros).

Ticket race 2016

In October 2016, tickets disappeared in no time. Only the fastest and most organized managed to win it. The sale came sooner than imagined. The disappointment of the slower fans, who wanted so much to go to the concert scheduled for July at the San Siro, was enormous. So the British band decided to add a date, again in Milan. Once again the tickets were sold out in record time. Some failed again. Then the bitter surprise: those same tickets that they couldn’t buy ended up being sold online again with the difference that the prices reached very high figures. The Codacons then filed a complaint with the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office to confirm any presumptions of crime and punish the perpetrators. This time we hope for a more peaceful purchase, even if sites were reported slowing down earlier in the day due to the high number of visitors. The advice is to always refer to trusted sites and not buy tickets from unauthorized people.

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