Ferran Adrià warns that 90% of restaurant owners operate without a business plan

Ferran Adrià warns that 90% of restaurant owners operate without a business plan

Ferran Adrià Follow the tour Leaves During thestate for every Talking about business management in hotel establishments. Chef “90% of companies don’t create an annual budget,” he laments“and this is It prevents owners from being able to precisely control the business.

In addition, he emphasizes that in most cases there is no business plan at the back that allows planning short and medium-term investments and administrators pour everything into daily invoices.

One of the main reasons, according to Adria, is the lack of economic management culture that exists in Catalonia and the state. In fact, he emphasizes that until a few years ago, very few people talked about business management at gastronomy conferences, but in recent years this trend has changed and become an aspect of more and more interest.

However, in many cases, it guarantees that data is missing. That is why the chef is working with the bank to create an observatory of data on the business and economic management of hospitality companies. This platform will allow entrepreneurs to see some indicators that guide them in planning their projects and find out whether they are profitable ideas or not.

Adrià pointed out that creating a restaurant where meat is served is not the same, as opposed to a restaurant where there is only pasta, because the profitability of the dishes will be completely different. “You can get a 20% profit margin when making pasta or rice,” says the chef. The project is expected to be completed within six months. Ferran Adrià added: “To open a restaurant, it is as important to master cooking techniques as it is to have good management.”

According to the chef, the observatory will allow the entrepreneur to calculate that there are only 2.5 million people in the world who can afford to go to a luxury restaurant 20 times a year or that only 5% can pay for a meal of 15 euros. For the chef, this information helps guide entrepreneurs.

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On the other hand, the chef also talked about the Bullipédia project, a project that already includes 25 books and wants to publish “at least 25 more.” According to Adria, the content of these posts is “what any gourmet restaurant should have.” The chef pointed out that in this sector, “there are no books about methods or types of cuisine or about the relationship between science and culinary art.”

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