Who can get it and how to apply

Who can get it and how to apply

Umbrellas: Bonus 2022. The incentive to facilitate the purchase that everyone has been waiting for. How to apply and who can get it

Ultra-modern awnings from Pixabay

Before the scorching heat there Surprise Unexpectedly, as in recent years, in this interval Begin to arrange the house so that Temperatures Hot summer is not a problem. to keep the house Freshterraces protected from the sun, very used tents Sunglasses. The models are many and different from each other, of course change Also depending on Need for those who buy it. Next to Repair From the sun, they turn away from clumsy looks from others And shelter not only from sunlight but also from rain and rain bad weather. Thanks to the “extra parachutes” can be obtained Privileges For the installation of these beautiful and very useful tents.

Parachute Reward: Who can get it and how to apply

venetian blinds
Modern Building Windows with Venetian Awnings from Pixabay

As we said, parachutes represent a Importance They cure from heat, but also against bad weather and above all they are queens aggregate. Unfortunately, it often has to waiver To buy it because it turned out to be enough expensive. But thanks to the parachute feature it is now possible realize This little dream of being able to count on help. But let’s find out more about this Lovely bonus.

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Who Can Benefit from Reward Umbrellas Decide to carry out business shielding. In this case, the bonus guarantees a discount 50% at the expense of max 60,000 Euros per house. It is possible to take advantage of it deductible Even if several houses are registered with the same name Person.

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to Get You can choose this tax advantage three Several options: discount IRPEF50% return in 10 years; Discount directly on the invoice; a task From tax exemption to a third party. In addition, there is also a file bonus for umbrellas 110which provides a discount 110%. It is possible to take advantage of this bonus if you perform jobs that fall within the scope big reward 110%.

there Species Of the tents that fall within the reward are those shading For roof windows and skylights, a cylinderAnd verticalexternal to arms folding or rotating or Venice. Additional requirements are: Brand therecomply with the rules safetyTo be cell phonethey are installed inside and outside surface Stained glass window, comply with the rules urban planning Above all, the buyer can not assemble and disassemble it alone pleasure.

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Umbrellas can be a bonus required By all realtors who need it. there Request For the discount, it must be presented on the website ofAENEAS inside 90 days of business completion. It is clear that all business and purchases made for such business should be so Certificates It is provided when a reward is requested.

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