Scandal for GF, Giacomo Urtis makes cruel intimate discoveries

He just entered GF Vip’s house and really caused a scandal. Giacomo Ortis, what are you up to? The revelation is hot.

Giacomo Ortis, GF Vip (Mediasetplay screenshot)

Star kisses and star lovers. What will the newcomer do? Giacomo Ortis? His adventure began on Monday with his entry into the GF Vip’s house, where he shares as a rival with Valeria Marini. But there is already a lot to talk about.

Giacomo Ortis, profession? Dermatologist and plastic surgeon. emotions? Love, Gossip and VIP GF. In fact, his engagement was back-to-back with last year’s post, and older brother Giacomo loved it. In the previous version, he also proved to be a skilled strategist, which was so bad that he lost out on TV broadcasts, but it’s also true that he was eliminated by that giant Giulia Salemi.

This year we try again, Paired with National Super Valleona But as soon as it enters it is immediately recognized. Gossip and gossip about himself this time and yesterday indulged so much in private confessions that he created Scandal inside and outside the house. Urtis doesn’t send them out to say and isn’t shy about anything, but how would the audience react?

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Giacomo Ortis: “He’s my darling”

Giacomo Ortis and Valeria Marini
Giacomo Urtis and Valeria Marini, GF Vip (Mediasetplay screenshot)

The dermatologist told a lot about his private life, maybe too much.

I saw myself for a month with a very, very famous person. A very well-known figure, only he is exhausted. repeat to me Baby, you are the person of my lifeAnd I assure you you’re the man for me, I mean it. Then he disappeared in September!

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Then Urtis goes on to explain it anyway She is not single And follow his steps with his ex-girlfriend.

Now that the famous person is gone, I’m back in love with the other one. Yes, the person I fell in love with in February, in fact he is engaged and I am the lover. I like. Do I love him or be a mistress? No Him! I hate being a mistress, because those silly situations arise. Then imagine, I write soccer players, athletes, and crazy stuff. You’ve got a really crazy ride baby

a Real bomb instantly caused a scandal Some users did not like these public feeds at all, such as private intimate details, while some laughed with amusement. After all, Giacomo Urtis is a personally made spontaneity, sarcastic and irreverent. We will see if this year he will be able to reach the final in the GF Vip.

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