Vittorio Minuzzi between Heidi Bacchi and Anita Olivieri – Big Brother 2023

Vittorio Minuzzi between Heidi Bacchi and Anita Olivieri – Big Brother 2023

The contestant appears to be interested in a girl, but it is not known who she is

Cyrus I think so Victor You have an interest in HeidiBut perhaps there is a doubt: if the girl the engineer is interested in is Anita?

During the week, the men in the house gave Vittorio various tips on how to interact with Heidi, and how to win her over. Everyone agrees on one thing: Vittorio has to move.

Lorenzo, Ciro E Joseph They try but the friend doesn’t respond. However, the actor has a doubt that only Vittorio can solve.

The engineer explains: “Anita is a great friend and I appreciate the direct way she says things.” Then he adds: “There is no compatibility in love”.

As for Heidi, the question is different: “She is more compatible for me.” The businesswoman explains in this regard: “Get out” Then add “I didn’t experience that. I was in the hut.”

They both assert that there is nothing but sympathy between them. Giuseppe also joins the conversation, joining the two friends in the confession room where the rival says Vittorio would have liked to take them to dinner. Anita.

The case seems complicated, and Anita is certainly flattered, but she comments: “I agree with Vittorio, we’re just friends.”.

How will these relationships develop? Will Vittorio continue his relationship with Heidi or will he reevaluate Anita?

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