Sustainability is about the environment, but it’s also about rights and science

“Swimming, science, inclusion, accessibility, and the environment: these are some of the themes underlying the dissemination of a new message of “increased” sustainability, one that has been regressed not only in the traditional ecological sense, but as a broader concept of sustainability. Inclusivity and the promotion of diversity»: this is how Salvatore Cimino, an amputee who was already a champion of a real world tour by swimming, talks about his film “Swimming Down the Tiber” on October 14th, which will be shown in Rome on the evening of August 25th

Swimming in the Tiber River, Chimino, October 14, 2023sustainability intoenvironmentIn the rights and in Sciences: These will be the rules that will support Oct. 14 next to Swimming down the Tiber River from Salvatore Ciminoan amputee of the right leg, in recent years he made a real tour around the world by swimming, as our newspaper followed him and called Swimming in the seas of the globeTo give visibility to your project A world without barriers and borders.
The initiative will be presented in Rome on the evening Aug 25th (Salotto del Tevere near Pinte Cestio, 7-30-9.30pm) Cimino himself puts it this way: “Sustainability from the center of the Eternal City aims to transform our capital into a center of dialogue and comparison globally.” Many deviations in sustainability. Swimming, science, inclusion, accessibility and the environment are among the many disciplines at the heart of the initiative, which aims to spread a new message Increased sustainabilitySustainability has fallen behind not only in the traditional environmental sense, but how A broader concept of inclusivity and valuing diversity». (S.B.)

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