The European Court has found that Poland and Hungary are wrong about the rule of law

Court of Justice of the European Union unacceptable Appeal by Hungary and Poland against new mechanism Which links the disbursement of European funds to respect for the rule of law. Hungary and Poland are semi-authoritarian states that for years have opposed stricter controls on European money, which they receive in large quantities and use to strengthen the ruling class’s control of the economy and politics.

The introduction of this mechanism, which, among other things, blocks access to recovery fund funds, was decided by the European Union to counter repeated violations of the rule of law in many member countries (in particular Hungary and Poland, but also the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania).

The mechanism is approved At the end of 2020However, it has not yet been activated: the European Commission has said explicitly that it will wait for the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the court that deals with the resolution of issues related to European standards, in an appeal filed by Poland and. Hungary.

Rule of law experts, leading international human rights organizations and independent EU authorities agree that many member states – mainly Hungary and Poland, as well as the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania – face enormous problems with respect to the independence of the judiciary and courts, in ensuring transparency regarding the procedures they Taken by the government, protect the rights of minorities and political opponents. Prior to the approval of the rules on funds, however, the measures taken by the Federation They have proven ineffectiveThe European treaties did not foresee that one or more countries could assume a quasi-authoritarian leadership once they entered the European Union.

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The court ruling could allow the European Commission to start the freeze proceedings within a few weeks.

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