Donna swims in the cold water, before the unthinkable happens: everyone is surprised

Donna swims in the cold water, before the unthinkable happens: everyone is surprised

Swim in cold water and what happens next surprises everyone. Let’s see what it is and where it happened.

Woman swimming in cold water –

A strange case left the very doctors who dealt with it dumbfounded. It’s about a woman and a little accident that happened in the last few weeks. The situation is now back to normal, however it has also been talked about on sector sites, due to privacy. Do you know what it is? Let’s find out together.

He swims in cold water, shortly after something strange and amazing happens

Although science daily tries to answer all the intriguing questions, especially when it comes to health, it may happen that there are limits.

Situations may not have been reported in the literature, leaving scientists themselves stunned, who probably need time to understand what is going on and find an answer consistent with what they know.

Woman swimming in cold water
Woman swimming in cold water –

Like today’s story starring a British woman who swims in cold water and encounters an unexpected accident. The news caused such a stir that it was picked up From the specialized “Situation Reports” websiteWho collects medical news.

What exactly happened? Well, this 70-year-old woman was immersed in cold water, When he started experiencing alarming symptoms. The water temperature seemed to be hovering around 13 degrees, which made her gasp, her breathing suddenly quicken. Also instant tremors, loss of balance, muscle weakness, and loss of orientation.

Even more disturbing is the feeling of paralysis on the right side of the body. But what was left of the intervention to save him was a state of general stupor, and above all, Amnesia that lasted eight hours!

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In general it appears that this lady remained immersed in this water for no more than 30 minutes. At the time of rescue it was evident that he was in a slight state of hypothermia, with a basal temperature of 34 degrees. After the immediate recovery and restoration of normal physical condition, the only remaining symptom was precisely memory loss. The first assumptions made by the doctors, also thinking about the symptoms the lady was accusing, immediately made one think of a stroke.

Nevertheless, the tests were carried out immediately, although changes in the blood vessels, possibly due to heat shock, were reported. It led to the exclusion of both neurological damage and other similar diseases.

Temporary amnesia that shocked experts

So I remained responsible for this situation, only a case of hypothermia. The very cold temperature of the water had caused a perceptual disturbance in the woman, which manifested itself through this fleeting forgetfulness. This type of behavior usually returns to normal within two to eight hours.

Memory loss is often associated with one Slight decrease in normal cognitive functions. So the doctors who intervened could only wait and treat the patient with a remedy based on acetylsalicylic acid and, accordingly, ordinary aspirin.

In order to be able to go home, the woman had to wait two days. It took a long time to reassure the doctors, who preferred to keep her under observation. Everything went back to normal, though I can’t explain exactly what happened.

The phenomenon of global forgetting
The phenomenon of global amnesia –

However, this phenomenon is known as Transient global amnesia. People who have it suddenly and temporarily lose the ability to form memories as well as remember the events that caused them. The causes are still unknown, and it usually occurs after a traumatic event. Experts tend to identify excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs as a contributing cause.

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Diagnosis only occurs through MRI, blood and urine tests and normally, as in the case of the woman in our story, she is not treated in any way other than waiting. According to the relevant literature, This memory loss affects people between the ages of 50 and 70. It rarely affects people under the age of 40.

Those who suffer from it usually display restlessness and are unable to remember even simple questions being asked. Confusion is mainly related to time and space, although one can still recognize the faces of those around him and thus correctly answer questions of interest. However, apparently, where the amnesia is not due to an epileptic seizure, it may also be due to a drug, However, these episodes only happen once in a person’s life.

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