'We do it like dogs' 83-year-old woman brags about having sex with her 37-year-old partner

'We do it like dogs' 83-year-old woman brags about having sex with her 37-year-old partner

'We do it like dogs' 83-year-old woman brags about having sex with her 37-year-old partner

It's not too late. He can attest to that Iris JonesShe is the woman who went viral on social media after participating in the show This morning For British television ITVShe revealed that at the age of 83, she is having the “best sex” of her life with her 37-year-old boyfriend. Without poetry on the tongue, the octogenarian left broadcasters surprised Philip Scofield I Holly Willoughby Speaking quite naturally about his intimate relationship with Egyptian “yogurt,” Mohamed Ahmed Ibrihamwith whom he has a passionate love affair for three years.

Without blushing, the old woman revealed in front of the cameras that her favorite sexual position is the “doggy” position, although she admitted that her skin is “very thin, like a handkerchief,” and for this reason, “Muhammad has to be careful when she catches me. He tears my skin, and the skin on my legs is very, very thin.”

“I felt like a virgin again.”

Iris Jones gave more details: “When it comes to making love, it can be painful. It could end up in the emergency room with skin tears, but we were able to solve that problem because sometimes we do it like dogs.” He also had time to remember that the first time he slept with Muhammad was “very difficult”: “He didn’t come close to me.” Sunday for 35 years, and I felt like a virgin again. We used a whole tube of… KY Jelly (Water-based intimate lubricant).

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The couple met in 2019 through Facebook The relationship surprised her family, who quickly warned her that this man, who was 46 years younger than her, would definitely want her money or a residence permit. However, after three years the relationship continued. The happy grandmother told the magazine: “I didn't expect to have the best sex of my life at the age of 83, but I'm certainly not complaining.” closer.

Photos of the couple during a day at the beach.

When she started flirting with his mother online through the aforementioned social network, she discussed it with her son Steven53 years old: “He said he was talking to a man fromEgypt. I didn't know his age and didn't think much about it. Then one day she came out and said, 'I'm falling in love with him.'

The moment he knew Omar Mohammed, his son had a lot of doubts, while his brother immediately “did not accept it”: “Darren took it worse than me. I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.” Aside from the family friction their relationship caused, Iris Jones asserts that Mohammed “keeps me young, especially under the sheets.”

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