Life like Ram. Luigi Danesi died at the age of 49

Life like Ram.  Luigi Danesi died at the age of 49

Luigi Danesi, of Tavernola, has died, aged 49After he discovered during the summer that he was suffering from an illness that did not save him from escaping. He worked for more than 25 years as an electrician at “RAM” in Sarnicoand the historic service station, storage and restoration of mahogany Rivas. With his cheerful and cheerful personality, he left a beautiful memory in the souls of all his co-workers, saddened by his sudden death: “He knew how to make everyone love him, and was always available to lend a helping hand. He never backed down when someone needed his help. It was a good idea». About two weeks ago, he went to Al-Ram to say hello to all his friends. Employees and managers invited him to the company's Christmas dinner. But a few days ago his condition worsened until he died on Thursday. “Good person, good, hard worker. He never argued with anyone. Always there, with a smile on their faces,” saddened manager Anselmo Figani and his sister Laura, a historic employee of Ram.

Their hearts are hurt by the loss of their loved ones His wife Monica with five-year-old FrancescaMother Michela, Father Angelo and Brother Nicola. Originally from Tavernola, Luigi raised a family in Capriolo, where the “Eredi Foglia” funeral home was established. He had many friends in Tavernola and the news of his death cast a pall of sadness into the festive atmosphere. Yesterday there were continuous visits to bid him final farewell. A prayer mass will be held on Saturday, December 30 at 5pm, and the funeral will be held on Monday, January 1 at 3pm at Capriolo Church.. The coffin then continues to burn the body.

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