Sabadell facial cosmetic, winner of the European Natural Beauty Award

Sabadell facial cosmetic, winner of the European Natural Beauty Award

On October 9, certified Jovita Ponce Sabadelli will be in Stockholm to attend the European Natural Beauty Awards, after… NAI Serum Facial Cosmetics It was previously selected in the fourth edition of these awards at the European level.

These awards are dedicated to highlighting products made with at least 99% ingredients manufactured in Europe. “I saw the opportunity and decided to apply. I was connected to the values ​​championed by the creator of this award, which essentially advocate for maximum transparency of products in the cosmetics industry, as there are many companies that practice this Greenwashingexplains the CEO of Potions de Jovita, where their mission is to accompany people to rediscover well-being and personal empowerment with true knowledge, to live and enjoy life to the fullest through aromas.

The cosmetic product in question helps nourish and balance the skin, both in women and men, and practically for all skin types. It is made from 100% natural ingredients, of which 98.15% are organic and its formula is based on vegetable oils of apricot, jojoba, grape seed and macadamia and essential oils of fennel and sandalwood. “There are nearly a hundred pre-selected ones. I achieved the first challenge, which is to be there as a pre-selected one, and now the second challenge is to get the Seal of Excellence, which despite having no financial endowment gives you notoriety.”Adds biologist and neuroscientist Jovita Ponce.

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