We need ten times more military aid.

We need ten times more military aid.

Ukraine needs in the war against Russia “Ten times more” military aid from the West. This was stated by Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Andrej Melnik who emphasized on Twitter: “We are grateful to our allies for their military assistance, but it is not enough. Ukraine needs 10 times more to end the Russian aggression endeavor.”

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The former ambassador to Germany called on Ukraine’s supporters to “cross all artificial red lines”, referring to the reluctance of some allies to provide Kiev with particularly powerful weapons systems and to demand that 1% of GDP be spent on arms supplies to Ukraine.

Melnik referred to the words of the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, who stated that the international coalition has so far provided Ukraine with $55 billion in aid. “It seems like a huge amount. But if we think about the Second World War, – continued the deputy minister, – with which, unfortunately, many comparisons can be made, in this case more than $ 50 billion in aid was provided as part of the American loan program. Today it will correspond to 700-800 one billion “.

Resistance During the past 24 hours, the armed forces in Kiev managed to repel 53 attacks by the Russian army in the directions of Bakhmut, Avdev, Marin and Shakhtar. The city of Bakhmut remains the epicenter of the fighting. This was announced by the Kiev General Staff in its report on the war, specifying that the Russian military had launched missile and air attacks with multiple rocket launchers.

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“Over the past day – the General Staff adds – the Air Force of the Defense Forces carried out 5 attacks on the areas of concentration of the occupiers, and units of missiles and artillery hit two areas of concentration of human forces, which is the anti-aircraft missile complex and two other important military targets of the enemy.

Russian losses – Russia lost 680 men on the last day, bringing the number of losses in its ranks to 185,730 since the day of Moscow’s attack on Ukraine on February 24. This was stated in the daily bulletin of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, posted on Facebook, which publishes figures that cannot be independently verified. According to the Ukrainian Army’s report, Russian losses so far would be 185,730 men, 3,672 tanks, 7,130 armored vehicles, 2,832 artillery systems, 539 multiple rocket launchers, and 289 anti-aircraft defense systems. According to the bulletin, which indicated that the data is being updated due to the fierce fighting, the Russian forces also lost 308 aircraft, 293 helicopters, 5,718 vehicles, 18 naval units, and 2,398 drones.

Bakhmut – The Russian Defense Ministry said it occupied three more areas in the western part of the disputed city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region. “The airborne forces blocked the Ukrainian units on the flanks, facilitating the movements of the assault teams to take over the city,” the ministry said in its latest bulletin. It is believed that the forces that continued on to Bakhmut were part of Wagner’s mercenary group. The city was the front line between Ukraine and Russia and witnessed several battles to control it.

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arms race – The Ambassador General of the Russian Foreign Ministry warned of an “uncontrollable” arms race and stressed Russia’s need to develop its tactical missile capabilities.

“In essence, – writes Grigory Mashkov in the journal International Affairs of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – we are witnessing a missile arms race with consequences that are difficult to predict. Tens of billions of dollars are being invested in improving missile technology. This process becomes uncontrollable.” Mashkov also stated that “there is a clear need for Russia to develop its tactical missile capabilities, to increase the effectiveness of its use and to respond effectively to any challenge to national security, including Kaliningrad, where NATO threatens Russian territory.”

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