Drought hampers the Winter Olympics in Catalonia

Drought hampers the Winter Olympics in Catalonia
Winter Olympics in Catalonia

(ACN) Climate Action warned that Climate change and drought Which affects the entire region, they do a lot “Difficult” of the Winter Olympics “It can be celebrated in latitudes such as those of Catalonia.” The Ministry's secretary, Ana Barnadas, spoke about this in an interview with Catalunya Radio: “We have the necessary reports to be very careful.”

There was no response from the Olympic Committee

When asked about the reasons that might prompt the government to withdraw this nomination, she indicated that: A The project depends on the presidency. However, he stated that Climate Action had worked with reports on the availability of water in these areas of Catalonia which revealed that “with the scarcity of this resource in the country as well as in the ski areas, “It will be an important recommendation.”.

Presidential sources consulted by the Manpower Association indicated that there was no news in this regard. They noted that the individual nomination was formalized in July 2022, and that since then, the Council of Europe has not issued a statement on the matter, nor has the Catalan Executive Council taken any further steps.

Artificial snow and water by boat

Barnadas also pointed to the production of artificial snow on Catalan ski slopes. He pointed out that once its use ends, when the ice melts, this snow returns to its natural cycle, and he said that the units where these practices are implemented They are not in an emergency. But he considered that it did not give an appropriate image: “We must be careful with this resource that is not endless.”

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In the same way, A transfer for Ebro has been ruled out As a solution to confront drought, he stressed that “the ability to withstand must come from another side.” In this way, he has committed to continuing to work on increasing reserves Renewal and desalination by 2027.

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