Face to face between Oriana Marzoli and Antonino Spinalpizzi – VIP Big Brother

Face to face between Oriana Marzoli and Antonino Spinalpizzi – VIP Big Brother

In the middle of the night it seems that the differences do not end: after the confrontation between Yael And the Oriana And then between Anthony And Yael, it is also up to Oriana and Antonino to face a difficult confrontation.

Oriana was furious with her roommate, who had allegedly told Gael he was intimidated by his relationship with her, who would have already known him as her man. First of all, the Venezuelan woman accuses Antonino of being a liar, assuring that she never called him her man. Afterwards, Oriana accuses him of talking behind her back and mocking her: “Don’t make fun of me, do what you want but don’t do it to me”.

“You said that in some situations I might have felt like your man.” Anthony responds, defending himself and explaining the reasons for his fears: “This thing right here makes me talk to you two hours a day because I want to do things quietly.”.

At home, time expands and knowledge is affected by it. Living together twenty-four hours a day, it is often easy to rush forward and run too fast, risking making a mistake. “If you’re afraid and want to go slow, don’t sleep with me.” Oriana replies, emphasizing the inconsistencies in Antonino’s behaviour. “Nobody forces me but I want to do it” VIP replies, who adds: I haven’t slept with a woman in a year. He adds, stressing the value and importance of his gesture.

Despite Antonino’s reassurances and explanations, Orellana seems firm in her point of view and at least for the moment doesn’t seem willing to turn a blind eye: “It bothers me that you talk behind my back, that you don’t tell me what you think.” continue. But for Antonino it is not always easy to express one’s feelings and that is why he was unable to do so with her: “I obviously didn’t have the courage to tell you, you embarrassed me.” “Don’t worry, it’s all clear, but I’m telling you I don’t like hearing that thing.” Oriana concludes.

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The acquaintance between the two seems to grow more serious each day and as in any self-respecting relationship, there are also its first ups and downs: how will it end between them?

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