Camilla Parker Bowles has been known to be more beautiful than Lady D as a young woman | picture

Camilla Parker Bowles has been known to be more beautiful than Lady D as a young woman |  picture

Camilla Parker –

Everyone knows the long feud that Charles of England had over the two women he was close to, Camilla Parker Bowles and Lady Diana. Everyone has spent themselves towards the second without knowing, however, that the first was pretty when young.

Camilla Parker –

Between the two, there was a difference of 14 years even if the first was still alive while the second died tragically in a car accident in 1997. The public has long fought against the second beauty, not considering, however, that she was much younger than her “rival”.

Carlo’s heart split because he was first with one of them and then with the other Although many have always suspected that his greatest love has always been for Camila. The truth is that all sorts of things have been said against the latter, also because the mysterious death of Lady Diana has preemptively led the public to side with her, which has also brought out some extreme ugliness against Camilla.

The truth, however, is another reason Camila Today he certainly has the marks of years gone by on his body, however When she was young, she was a pretty girl at first Then a beautiful woman. The truth is that the audience, even when faced with photographic evidence, does not want to acknowledge this detail and remains somewhat annoyed even when this simple comparison is made.

Carlo e Camila –

Lady Diana or Camilla? The question moves through time

Sadly, the question of choosing between Lady Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles will last forever And it is very clear that the line-up of the crowd will be all on the side of the first. This is because her tragic death boosted her image, making her one of those eternal divas who never age, who always stay young. Lady D died tragically at the age of 36, very unfortunate to leave the world in the prime of her youth, while Camilla is now 75 and was 50 when Carlo’s ex-wife died.

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Charles and Camilla –

However, looking at the images that came from the past, we immediately realize this Even Camila was so pretty when she was young, a simple beauty but it made her head spin. And the public has always shown her great respect but also a sense of remorse that will associate her throughout her life with the death of one of the most beautiful princesses ever.

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