‘We are strengthening NATO allies’

‘We are strengthening NATO allies’

Generous, reliable, bold. USS Kearsarge logo. One of the most important warships US Navy, arrived Helsinki. The docking takes place in the same week as the Senate ratification United State From Finland’s accession to Boy.

Russia burns gas on the border with Finland and Ukraine: “They no longer know who to sell it to”

US warship in Helsinki, giant 257 meters

USS Kearsarge One amphibious assault ship Wasp class. Its length is 257 meters. In addition to the crew, 2,000 US sailors and marines arrived in Finland. It carries V-22 Ospreys, helicopters and a small landing craft on board. He will be in the capital until Monday, then he will move to the Hanko district to train with the Finnish Navy.

Putin, Yellow Shiplyuk: Arrest of the scientist who makes hypersonic missiles

According to the Finnish Navy press release, the exercises are aimed at developing cooperation and compatibility between the Navy and Marine Corps of the United States and Finland. Finland also aims to strengthen its ability to provide support to the host country.

State television criticized the Russian youth, saying: “They are not ready to die in Ukraine for Putin.”

We are grateful to welcome back to the Baltic Sea to strengthen our partnership with our closest friends and alliessaid Commodore Andrew Brady, Commanding General, Task Force 61 Amphibious Naval Europe/2d Naval Division (TF 61/2). We are looking forward to our training and cooperation in the future.

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US Embassy in Finland

USS Kearsarge, flagship of the Kearsarge Amphibious Ready Group (ARG), with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), has arrived in Helsinki today. ARG-MEU operates in the Baltic Sea to strengthen relations with NATO allies and partners.

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