Cologno fans travel to the United States for the World Cup in Orlando

Cologno fans travel to the United States for the World Cup in Orlando

There are also eleven athletes from one of the Cologno sports clubs in the team that will represent Italy in April at the World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, Florida (USA). And now, to fund travel expenses, they have opened a fundraiser on the online platform GofundMe.

From Colono to Orlando: The Blue Fans at the World Cup

The group of “pom-bom girls” who will represent Italy at the event in Florida, according to the GoFundme online platform, will consist of 11 athletes from the Diamond Cheers Elite club in Cologno Al Serio and seven others from the Dynamite club in Turin. Together they will be called Team Italy Freestyle Pom. In total there will be 18 athletes between the ages of 15 and 28. They will compete in the Senior Freestyle Boom and Senior Double Freestyle Boom categories.

“Representing Italy at the World Cup is a great honor and a sporting dream for all of us, who have committed perseverance and dedication for years to be able to raise the name of our country to the top in global competition. Unfortunately, our sport in Italy is little known, and for this we ask for your support to reach a very important goal. For us, for our sporting career and for Italy, “the team explains.

World Cup in the United States

Obviously, the World Cheerleading Championships takes place in the “home” of cheerleaders, the United States. More than 500 teams registered this year, for a total of about 10,500 athletes from 25 different countries.

Cologne team

Diamond Cheers, a school company of Fisac ​​(Italian Federation of Acrobatic and Dance Sports), made up mostly of girls from Lower Bergamo, is not new to international events of this caliber, in the past They have already competed in the Orlando World ChampionshipsWhich has been held since 2004 and is today one of the most important events in the world in this sport.

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Cheering, Dancing and Gymnastics

Cheearleading is a sport that combines dance, acrobatic gymnastics, and a series of characters associated with cheering on the sidelines during sporting events, especially in an American setting.

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