The United States has said it is investigating “the government’s secret intelligence agency, which is dealing with terrorism.”

The United States has said it is investigating “the government’s secret intelligence agency, which is dealing with terrorism.”

On paper it deals with the struggle against it Terrorism, But among other things, it spies on Ai Journalists. It does just that A secret unit According to the US government investigation Yahoo News. Marik Garland, Minister of Justice Joe Biden, Has long been barred from obtaining federal investigators Confidential information On Journalists, After suspicion Donald Trump May have ordered an inquiry into some of the signatures of New York Times He was born Washington Post. But during administration Barack Obama, Remember Associated Press, Government agencies took charge In secret Their phone numbers to inquire about the contacts and resources of some reporters.

Now it turns out Since 2016 Enables a special section called Opposite network segment Is a part of it National Target Center Created after thatSeptember 11, 2001 Identify possibilities Terrorist threats. Refers to the whole system Customs and border security, According to the U.S. Federal Agency, which oversees border security Department of National Security, Prosecutor.

According to a report 500 pages Inspector General of the Department – he says Yahoo News – The men in the special section used the information contained therein Government databases (Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Travel Data, Personal and Financial Information) Minimum Inquiries About twenty reporters Those who work in the United States. Among them a Pulitzer Prize, Ali Watkins del New York Times, Leading expert on related issues National Security. According to a former agent, Jeffrey Rambo, Watkins subì Pressures Reveal her evidence when she finds out she knows about her love affair with the security chief Intelligence Commission Of the Senate.

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The activity of the opposing network segment is not limited to media members but also to certain members workers Of Congress And, probably, some Congressmen have been detained Source of news leak. “We face an obvious Abuse of power“, Rebuke the leaders Associated Press And for the safety of some of his reporters who ended up in the cross chair of the opposing network section. “The government must stop it Interrupting With the right to journalism and information ”, reacted from New York Times.

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