NIO is also making its debut in the United States

NIO Has an ambitious expansion plan. As we have seen recently During the 2021 NIO Day event, Intended for Chinese manufacturer Will be in 25 countries by 2025. Currently, the carmaker has already landed in Europe from Norway. By 2022, it will bring its cleanest cars to Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. But the NIO’s focus is not just on the old continent.

During NIO Day 2021, the brand, which is always talking about its expansion plan, briefly outlined a map of the countries where it will land in the coming years. There are countries, which want to introduce it Even the United States. Something is already moving in this perspective. They are on LinkedIn Many job ads Especially of the NIO for the US market. For example, the brand is looking for individuals who can fill roles such as user infrastructure construction and preparation leader, architectural and design leader and energy strategy leader.

These are clear indications that the NIO is arranging for its facility to land in the United States. Apparently, there will be 46 jobs in the San Jose area alone. Since the announcements are so recent, it is difficult to understand when the NIO will be able to acquire an adequate framework capable of initiating the activities required to enter this market.

Probably will take some more time. The NIO certainly wants to focus first Its functions on the old continent The next introduction has been announced in 4 new countries of the old continent. Introduction refers to creating a local service network and starting to build your own Stations for battery replacement This is already being done in Norway.

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However, it is not surprising that in 2022 the NIO will be able to share more news about its expansion plans. In that case, more details about the US market entry may come. Introduction to this market is a very interesting NIO Going to face directly With leading US automakers making electric cars like Tesla.

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