The “lost” king of Morocco and Mohammed VI’s favorite kickboxer –

The “lost” king of Morocco and Mohammed VI’s favorite kickboxer –

In the Rabat court, officials are not concerned about the high unemployment rate, the damage the pandemic has caused to tourism, or the surge in inflation after the start of the invasion in Ukraine. For the trial visits King Mohammed VI.

“He’s not interested in power. All he wants is his life,” they say in the palace. In addition to parties, checkered French-style cashmere suits, his lifestyle includes dating Abu Azaiter, 32, a German prison war veteran and mixed martial arts champion. Abu and his two brothers Osman and Omar – the same as the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo – became a force in court, to the extent that, according to some officials, he questioned them.economic, allowing themselves to treat regional dignitaries as if they were “private chauffeurs”. And not only. Since he met them, the King has been more abroad than in Morocco. And last year he was absent for 200 days. He wasn’t feeling well to attend the Queen’s funeral in London, the Arab League summit in Algeria, or Morocco’s World Cup matches. When the Spanish prime minister arrived in Rabat earlier this year after a diplomatic crisis over Western Sahara, he was elsewhere.

Behind the gossip, the question is political. Morocco is a constitutional monarchy and the king is much more than a representative figure. He has the final say on every important issue, and without his guidance the country’s political factions tend to fracture. “We are a drone,” the officials say. For the more conservative part of Moroccan society and for Store (Economic and political power) See the pictures of the king, Colonel Kickboxer Instead of being at his wife’s side – Lalla Salma has now been renamed “The Phantom Princess” – this has become a problem. When Muhammad came to the throne in 1999 after the death of his hated, ultra-conservative father – In the biography of French journalists, we read that Hassan frustrated his son – it seems that Muhammad will become an energetic and modern king. He dismisses hostile officials and appoints the Equity and Reconciliation Commission to hear cases of human rights violations since his father’s time. Repair blogIslamic Sharia law, which makes it easier for women to divorce their husbands. It builds a network of highways and railways. For the press, he is the man who will lead the country out of the feudal era.

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However, not everyone likes changes and modernization. The restorer, with the face of Abdel Latif Hamouchi. He became Chief of Services in 2007 and Police in 2015, Hamouchi climbs the ranks of the Moroccan institution. Academics, journalists, businessmen and independent lawyers are then prosecuted. It puts dozens of human rights activists in jail. There are even those who talk about the existence of wiretapping in court, including the phones of the Zuaiter brothers.

To make the air heavier for the king, the “subjects” were indignant. The Pandora Papers exposing economic corruption, foreign investments by the Moroccan elite, and social inequality in the country are the reasons why fans of Raja Casablanca, the most popular football club in the kingdom, chant around the stands: “Thieves, you are stealing the country’s wealth.”

Few Moroccans dare to utter the word “concession”. There is talk of a “Spanish supermodel” and of Spain’s Juan Carlos convinced to cede the crown to his son after a series of scandals. But Mohammed has an advantage over Juan Carlos. In Morocco, the king is the sovereign, not the parliament. if it was Store He rewards his king must accept his terms. One above all: Abu Azaiter and his brothers.

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