Community.Travel: Enhance your travel portfolio in the United States

Community.Travel: Enhance your travel portfolio in the United States

the societythe Adalte marketAnd Professional platform which is fully working on clouds for whom main customers I am Foreign DMC who operate in the italian market, they have many stores Product novelty. Starting with the fact that Adalte consolidates its dominant position for Distribution of tours in the United States. In fact, at the end of May, a new US resource was added to the portfolio, American Tours International It is now available to buyers from Community.Travel.

growing portfolio

America Tours International is one of the main specialist companies in the Italian market and joins the parties Operators offering services in Italian are already connected to Adalte, Allied TPro, Opentour and Team America. Along with this player, buyers can now also take advantage of an experience Arabica Orient Toursrepresented in Italy by Corat, a representative company with which Adalte cooperates in order to increase the exposure of Dmc Partners in the Belpaese market.

With the entry of this new Omani resource, Adalte can offer the services of four hospitality operators, incl Dakkak and Travcowho provide specialized services to our market.

Eight new buyers

On the In front of the tour operatorsin May they were Eight new buyers registered Most of them are from abroad, South and North America, thanks to the marketing investments and agreements concluded in the previous months, which have allowed an ever more global dissemination of the product promoted by Community.Travel.

Despite this, sales, which have continued to grow since January, still register the Italian market as the first user of Adalte’s services.

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“We have always been convinced that creating high-quality content in Italian, together with our communication services, allows us to support Italian operators in the digital transformation process of booking a private circuit or tour – explains David Gallery, CEO, Adalte -. The results obtained so far make us proud and prove that we Italians are always on the cutting edge and interested in modernity.

From January to today, the Travel Quality Control team has checked thousands of contents (including travel itineraries, daily programmes, contracts and translations) to improve the product before it goes on sale on partner operators’ websites. Collaboration with buyers remains essential to understand how to further improve the offer of tours or how to organically expand the available product.

local meetings

Community.Travel has a catalog of more than 50 Dmc tours. The ability to customize your supplier catalog is one of the perks of Community.Travel Software that has recently been enriched with new features.

Leah CardinaleAnd Adalte Sales ManagerRegarding distribution in Italy, he adds: “With this in mind, we are organizing a series of meetings in the region that will end in September, so that we can meet face to face and assess the situation with product experts from partner tour operators.”

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