February 6, 2023

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United States, fisherman attacked by a shark by separating his little finger: shocking photos on TikTok

woe to joke with SharksEven if it is small in size. The lesson was learned, at his expense, by a fisherman Florida, who underestimated a newly caught lemon shark, lost a little finger. Everything from the gift was photographed and posted on tik tok. The sudden attack occurred in Content Keys, a town just south of you love Me. The fisherman grabbed the shark to eat the hook he caught, but the predator suddenly turned around and bit the man’s hand, separating his finger. “I lost my little finger,” he shouted after the bite.

Attack by a shark, shocking video on social media

Brett Reader (that’s the fisherman’s name) was surprised by the shark, despite his years of experience. He hadn’t expected such an aggressive and quick response. The video climaxes in the drama, when the shark is depicted in a frame soaked in man’s blood. After the accident, the fisherman, who was on a boat with his wife and children, had to drive the boat to shore, where a helicopter joined him. Once at the hospital he underwent surgery, TMZ reports. A few hours later he shot another video to tell us what happened. He did not say whether doctors were able to reattach his little finger.

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