Water polo, Italy-USA 13-12: Settibello to the World quarter-finals (and an Olympic ticket)

In Doha, the Italian team won 13-12 in the round of 16 thanks to a hat-trick from Fondelli and Di Fulvio, winning the Games and will challenge Greece on Tuesday. Happy campaign: “Great personality”

The first, and most important, task has been accomplished. The 13-12 result in the World Cup Round of 16 against the United States (3-3, 3-4, 4-4, 3-4) also deserves a pass to the Games, now we will be able to face the final matches in Doha with a calm starting at four with Greece. Scheduled for Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. “I had no doubts about this group, playing under pressure makes us grow even more. We showed that we have character,” said coach Sandro Campagna over the Rai microphones. The beginning of the decade (1-3), Renzotto was sent off for violent play in the 14th minute, the score was 4-3 (Woodhead would suffer the same fate two minutes later), and then the Azzurri also led by three goals, with a score of 7-4. An exciting final half as the Americans catch Italy in 10: De Somma scores from a counterattack, Di Fulvio is outnumbered, Hooper is shortened with the extra man, then De Somma's penalty and Bowen's superiority decide the outcome. What a suffering.


In Udovičić's team, without the suspended midfielder Haluk and full of knowledge from our tournament (Cupido of Ortigia, Irving of Brescia, Vavek of Savona, Hooper Woodhead of Telemar), a hat-trick of Fondeli and the star of Di Fulvio, exploits in the series del Lungo between posts. This time all our kicks hit the target (3) in a match full of rudeness and poor refereeing (which would have been better entrusted to top-class managers, considering the importance). Ryder Dodd, 17, talent shines: We'll hear about it. In the stands are Canela and Damonte, against Greece we will not have Renzotto who will be excluded. An unforgettable victory also for Amedeo Pomelo, Viceroy of Campania, on his 57th birthday. “Now we must not consider ourselves satisfied. Given the history that accompanies us, we must always commit to chasing medals,” emphasized captain Francesco Di Fulvio, winner of the Best Player award. There were no surprises in the other matches: Croatia and Montenegro also qualified for the Olympics, joining alongside Settebelo France, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Serbia, Japan, USA, Australia and South Africa. Therefore, in the quarter-finals in Doha, there will only be European teams, but that is the case: never before in the history of the World Cup (the first edition in 1973) have countries from other continents been on the podium.

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And tomorrow at 6.30pm it's Setirossa's turn: the quarterfinal with Greece (a new match for the European bronze medal final, which the Italians lost) could give the pass to Celebu's team. The matter will depend on the results of Canada (against Spain) and Hungary (against the Netherlands), competing for the two available Olympic seats. The other match is USA vs Australia.

Italy: Del Longo, F. Di Fulvio 3, Marciali, A. Fondelli 3 (two kicks), Renzotto, Echenique 1, N. Preciotti 1, Bruni 2, E. De Somma 2 (1 penalty), Villoto, F. Kondimi 1, Ioche Grata, Nicosia. Campaign supplement. United State: Weinberg, Huber 2, M. Vavik, Obert 1, Daub 4 (2 devices), Cupido, Dr. Woodhead, Bowen 3, C. Dodd, R. Dodd 2, Irving, Abramson, Netherlands. everyone. Dr.. Yudovicic. the reviewer: Buch (spa) and black (first). NB: Top No. Italy 11 (4 goals), USA 16 (9). Exit 3 FA Fondelli in the 24th minute, Irving in the 29th minute, C Dodd in the 30th minute, AD Soma in the 32nd minute. Exp. For violent play, Renzotto in the 13th minute and D. Woodhead in the 16th minute.

Unlike recent European Championships, which divided teams into two sections, the game is played in the traditional format: the top teams in each group advance to the quarter-finals, and the second- and third-placed teams advance to the round of 16. TV on Rai 2 and Rai Sports.

Group A: Spain 9; Croatia 6; Australia 3; South Africa 0.

Group C: Serbia 9; Montenegro 5; Use 4; Japan 0.

Group D: Hungary 8; Italy 7; Romania 3; Kazakhstan 0.

Monday 5: Italy-Kazakhstan 33-3, Hungary-Romania 15-8.

Wednesday 7: Romania-Kazakhstan 25-3, Hungary-Italy 15-14 on penalties. (9-9).

Friday the ninth: Hungary-Kazakhstan 28-1, Italy-Romania 16-10.

Ranking: Hungary 8; Italy 7; Romania 3; Kazakhstan 0.

Sunday 11: Round of 16 Croatia-China 22-4, France-Australia 11-8, Montenegro-Romania 12-9, Italy-United States 13-12.

Tuesday 13: Quarter-finals Spain-Montenegro (14th), Greece-Italy (3.30 pm), Serbia-Croatia (17th), Hungary (6.30 pm). Thursday 15: Semi-finals. Saturday 17: Finals.

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