Cagliari thinks of a revolution

Rosobli management received the shopping list prepared by Walter Mazari: Here are the profiles requested by the Tuscan coach

The winter transfer market session begins in just over a week (January 3) and beyond Cagliari, Driven by the terrible rating status, one club will be mustering more to seize some opportunities. Walter Mazzarri Prepare the shopping list and sports director in Rossoblo, Stefano KabuzukaAlready working to please him.

any features? in the post juventus cagliari, The Tuscan coach was clear: “I want in the team only players who embrace my ideas 100%“. Translation: Mazari He expects from the market profiles that can match his footballing creed. To complete the staff, taking into account leave Godin, Caceres and OlivaIt is necessary to include two defenders, a starting goalkeeper, a mezzala and a central striker in the team. It is also necessary to understand what the future is nandez What if Dalbert He will leave Sardinia or not.

identity. defend Cagliari will restart from Carbone and Sibitelli. with Walukewicz Still in the pits and with altar e to open I’m not quite ready for the first division, Mazari He explicitly asked the club for the arrival of two central defenders to replace the Uruguayan. The names that are traded in the city are from Lovato, Izu, Goldanega and Gabbia. the first, As reported yesterday by our editorial staffOne step away from putting on a shirt Cagliari Until June. hard to reach Cage Ago Milan It didn’t seem like she intended to deprive herself of it. Izzo and GoldanegaOn the other hand, they are very welcome profiles a WM And both are on the sidelines in their own teams. The path that leads to this should not be ruled out either Kolarov. if he left Dalbert, The left side role they love Calviore and the previous Moreau. However, in the midfield, it will be necessary to add a play and a mezzala. As a manager can reach Amrabat While as a matchmaker like corner From Turin. And in the attack? numerically, with Pereiro, Keita, Pavoletti, Setter and Joao Pedro, the Cagliari will be covered. Mazari, However, he knows it – aside John Difficult to achieve goals. The idea would be to lend sitter To make way for a new attacker. In this sense, the most realistic hypothesis is that of Satriano.

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