Europa League, then qualify from Roma and Lazio

Europa League, then qualify from Roma and Lazio

The Giallorossi play everything against Ludogorets. The situation is more complicated in the Sari group

The fate of Roma and Lazio in the European League will be decided on the last day.


After cutting the score 2-1 against Helsinki, another win would be needed for Roma to finish second in the group. At the moment, the Giallorossi are level on points with Ludogorets, but under head-to-head after losing the first leg in Bulgaria. In the event of a win next Thursday at the Olympique, the Giallorossi will remove the pass from the playoffs against one-third of the Champions League. In the event of a tie (and obviously a defeat), the Bulgarians pass and the Giallorossi slips to the conference.


The situation in the Lazio group seems simple. Sarri’s team needs only one point in Rotterdam against Feyenoord to secure the passage of the round, while with the win it is almost certain to be first and round of 16, given the better goal difference compared to Storm Graz (the second tied at 8 but with a goal difference of -1 Sarri and -4 for Austrians). However, everything changes in the event of defeat: Lazio will actually climb under the Dutch (who will have a better goal difference) and certainly also one behind between Sturm and Midtigland (the Austrians just need a draw to beat the Biancocelesti, while the Danes have a better goal difference, So if we win and get equal points with Lazio, they will end up in front anyway). However, there is a possibility of passing the round despite the knockout: Lazio will move from second place if they lose to Feyenoord by one goal (in the first leg 4-2 Biancoceleste) and Midtjylland must not win: the Dutch and the Danes. He will remain behind Milinkovic and his comrades.

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