To cut your supermarket receipt in half, avoid these mistakes with kids and shelves. We all make them

To cut your supermarket receipt in half, avoid these mistakes with kids and shelves. We all make them

Small mistakes in the supermarket, of the fairly common kind, can lead to higher spending and additional costs.

Certainly, shopping today is very difficult, and it is clear that this depends on the one hand on the great abundance of products but also on the fact that it is There are discounts, offers and strategic positioning. In the past it was easier because there was less competition, there was not as wide a choice, so in the end we always ended up with the same type of food.

Mistakes everyone makes in the supermarket (

When you walk through the supermarket shelves today You are on the battlefield You have to be careful, everything reminds you of the desire to buy, different types of labels, very colorful packaging, very fresh and innovative products.

How to cut your supermarket receipt in half using a strategy

Marketing has certainly contributed in an important way to this Pushing consumers towards “useless” purchases. That's why the first rule of inexpensive shopping is to arrive at the supermarket with a list. Having a list of products to buy, perhaps even with the name of the brand you usually use, is ideal. There is no margin for error, you avoid buying useless items once you get home, and above all, you do not buy excess.

How to spend less in the supermarket (

Shopping with kids can be counterproductive, as they wander the aisles They will want something good, some delicious food, sweets, chipsso it will be very difficult to drive away this need and in the end they will buy products that are not useful for this purpose.

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It is better to do your shopping alone, with a full stomach, buying fresh and minimally packaged products and, above all, paying attention to the logic of the shelf. Things are neatly organized For one thing, this means that there is a particular sign that may or may not catch the customer's attention in this case.

Without guidance, we are usually guided by what is suggested to us, and this means that we will understand the things that the trader wants to present to us at that moment. These are the most well-known, most expensive or obviously the most popular brands Where there is a greater margin. This is the logic of the market and is completely natural, and it is up to the consumer to pay attention and thus orient himself towards what is needed, also in relation to the product itself.

If there are offers they are definitely worth grabbing however Only on the products you use Otherwise we are simply fooled by the idea of ​​spending less and thus buy practically useless things and accumulate food that would otherwise be wasted.

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