European Cup Live Stream – Reyer misses Venice very much with the Paris Basketball team

European Cup Live Stream – Reyer misses Venice very much with the Paris Basketball team

Today, Wednesday 11 October, at 8.00pm, the European side’s first home tap match is scheduled to take place. Rear Venice Who will go on to challenge the highly ranked French team in Taliercio Paris Basketball. The Parisians enter the second round of the FIBA ​​European Cup after sweeping the Wolves 105-78 with 20 points and 9 assists from TJ Short (the best player in the first round of the European Cup). The head coach is Thomas Isalo, who last year at Telekom Basket Bonn won the Champions League and reached the final of the tournament in Germany. The coach has six players from Boone: TJ Short, Herrera, Malcolm, Ward, Kessens and Kratzer. The Paris basketball ranks also include former Treviso player Jantunen and the young talent born in 2002, Nader Haifi. Injured Marco Spiso watches his teammates from the stands.
Live text on this page from 8 p.m.

The fourth quarter – Two quick runs by Jantunen and Sy allowed Paris Basketball to tie the score at 8’49” at 60, Spahija called a timeout but then Ward scored the pass and extended Shorts on the counterattack. Tucker closed the break 0-8. Kesens from two and Tessitori from three for 65- 66 in the 35th minute. Tessitori recovers from Heavy, and Sims makes two free throws and goes over 67-66. Short and Parks are not lucky with the basket, then with 3’40” puts Kesens Paris is back in control after you. Shorts adds two goals in the 2’59 minute and Spahia stops the game again. Reyer’s throw was unsuccessful, but there was an incident in the match involving Kazarin who received a fortuitous header from Malcom, who went to the goal line to close the match 1/2. To the coast via Tucker +4 Paris with 6.7 inches. Jantunen scored two free throws for the team 75-81 In 40′.

Raier Venezia – Paris Basketball 75-81.

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comment: Rayer is playing a strong game against a very good team like Paris, shooting 50% from three points (9/18), but there are very few mistakes, and some details are not well defined but are hidden by the performance of Sims and Tessitori. Spissu’s absence and O’Connell’s injury must also be linked to the details. We have to be more convincing and persistent on certain levels, especially in the last moments, when we miss another opportunity.

Third quarter – Shorts for two, Sims for three opens the second half. A triple by Sims and Ward made it 46-45, and Parks kept Ryer +5 with two straight baskets. Heavy bomb and timeout at 50-48 in minute 26. Back in another bomb from Simms +5. Malcolm and Tessitore keep up with 3’00” 55-50. Tyson Ward goes with 2/3 to the line. Tucker and two free throws from Tessitore for +7 Venice, then comes in in the final minute and shortens C from the bottom. With 44. 3″ Sims is 1/ 2 in the frame. Two free throws from Jantunen for the team 60-56 In 30′. Final body to body, Reyer dies with the ball in her hands at 24 inches with Sims. Heavy hat-trick for the French +6 is painful entering the 39th minute, when Sims sets the bomb for -3. Capitoline believes it, Shorts penetrates, scores, takes the extra with 1’40” (Parks v.) 70-76. Free for Sims 1/2. From the rebound, Tucker takes the ball and Malcom intercepts it. Kazarin stops Shorts and Sims scores on the counterattack. Free for Shorts The short with Reyer’s 15.8-inch 2 1/2 lead.

Second Quarter – Tucker is on the line after the clash with Short, but the trio goes to the official review contemplating the unsporting nature of the orogranata. There is nothing to do, two free throws, tied at 24. Very fragmented moments, Paris lost by 24 inches in the 12th minute. Sims put the three-pointer on the head of Jantunen, then with 6’56 inches Reyer exhausted the bonus. Sims launched a counterattack and Tessitori completed it, 29-24. The French started to stop us shooting from the arc and undermined their rebounding advantage (6 offensive rebounds at the moment). Parks stretches 5’50” +7, but Malcom scores the bomb this time 31-27 in the 15th minute. Isalo timeout. 3rd foul by Larry Brown, free for Kesens +2 Reyer. Tessitore does it all himself, and stretches. Free for Hifi 33 -31 with 3’33”. Sims finds the rim, grabs the rebound, and scores 2+1. Ivy shortens by two. It was lost by Di Nicolaou, who then committed a foul on the shorts. 0/2 but press Kratzer +1 Reyer. Simms finds a winning layup, Malcolm breaks in a quick first down and a three-pointer on the next play +2 Paris. Spahija time out at 35. Tucker scores a hat-trick, and Venice leads 41-40 at 20.

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First Quarter – C and Tessitori whistled first but it was Sims’ hat-trick that put Venezia ahead after 2’10-8. Shorts tied, Tessitori and Si baskets thanks to high pace and excellent ratios, and Tucker pulled away from Reyer with a 13-10 bomb with 6’52”. Tessitori reached double figures in the 5th minute, but Heafy and Jantunen pulled even. They kept pace 16-14 in 5′. .Paris timeout after Parks’ basket. Tucker starts again with 2/3 on the +6 line but Kessens shortens a rare triple that brings the French to -1 at 7′. Shorts’ floater with 2′ 21″ hurts Umana who suffers from being overtaken 20- 21 and Sabahia time out. There are a lot of turnovers in the legs of both teams. O’Connell scores from mid-range while jumping but falls to the ground with an ankle problem and is out accompanied by a 1’44” double shot attempt by Short who eventually gets two 1/2 free throws to tie it at 47″. Tessitore’s second error brought him back to the 2/2 line. Brown sends the answer to the buzzer between the rim and the backboard and it is 22-24 At 10′.

– Shoot by Paris Basketball

Where to watch Rayer Venice vs Paris Basketball
The match between Umana Reyer Venezia and Paris Basketball will be broadcast on Wednesday 11 October at 8pm on Sky Sport and DAZN. We remind you that DAZN, which has become the new home of basketball after the acquisition of Eleven Sports, is available For sectional football fans only, a “starter” plan of €9.99 per month for an annual subscription in installments or €89.99 for the whole year.

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– Previous to the match – Amer Sims is a former player who played in Paris in the 2022/23 season.
– Previous – This is the first ever match between Umana Reyer Venezia and Paris Basketball.
The match presentation was presented by coach Nevin Sabahija“First of all, as I said last time, I hope our team will make progress game by game. Against Paris, we need to play well in attack and defence, they are very strong and we are aware of that, they have only lost one game.” “The match so far.” . We hope we can take advantage of the good match in Pesaro to take a step forward in front of our fans. Paris Basketball is a team with a lot of talent, they play at a very high pace. They have two dominant guards. “Able to penetrate and shoot from the outside, but the most important aspect in Paris is the group of six players who come with the coach from the same team. They have great chemistry.”

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