War in Ukraine Russia and Romania: “We will shoot down Moscow’s drones”

War in Ukraine Russia and Romania: “We will shoot down Moscow’s drones”

Romania will shoot down Russian drones. General Gheorgheta Vlad, the second-in-command of the General Staff in Bucharest, announced that the armed forces would go into action to shoot down Russian drones if necessary to protect Romanian territory. 600 men were sent to the Danube Delta region and radar systems were deployed. He added: “It will depend on the level of threat, and we are ready to use all our military power to defend Romania’s territory. We have deployed several radars and taken additional measures, and we talked about this with our NATO allies to find a solution to the problem.” Countering Russian aggression.”

In recent days in Romania, 15 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, parts of what could be Russian drones were found. The fragments found were scattered over an area of ​​​​several tens of metres, near the localities of Novarol and Victoria in Tusya Province. Within a few days, there were 3 discoveries.

Previously, the alert was raised in the Tulcea and Galati regions after drones were spotted heading towards Ukrainian ports between September 12 and 13.

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