“Wagner’s head may be alive.”

“Wagner’s head may be alive.”

The Prigozhin duo seen in Moscow in the last few days that Chief Wagner has spent in Africa multiply, the disturbing revelations about the mercenary group’s missing planes, the prophetic videos posted posthumously on Telegram channels close to the family, and the enigmatic poems that hint at Prigozhin’s grave. , whether dead or alive. and strange characters revolving around the graves of the leaders of the paramilitary formations buried in St. Petersburg cemeteries. There also remains a big question mark over the will and inheritance of the president of the holding company.

More than a week after the tragedy of the Embraer Legacy 600, which crashed on August 23 midway between Moscow and St. Petersburg with Wagner numbers 1, 2 and 3 on board, four bodyguards and three crew members, mystery shrouds what really happened and the fate of an economic empire. Worth billions of dollars and an army of mercenaries now at the disposal of the highest bidder (or the replacement Putin would appoint in place of Prigozhin, dead or perhaps disappeared) is even more intense from Mali to Syria. . Meanwhile, yesterday, the funeral of Prigozhin’s deputy, who named the group after him, Dmitry Utkin “Wagner”, 53, a well-known supporter of Nazism, was buried in a cemetery for war heroes. He was paid homage by dozens of mercenaries, closely watched by hundreds of police and intelligence agents. But there is no military reverence and no presence of the authorities. Not to mention Putin, who on other occasions wanted to attend the funeral of senior officers. The adjacent grave is that of a colonel who commanded the helicopter regiment that was shot down by a shoulder-fired rocket launcher.

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missing plane

Since the afternoon of the tragedy, on Aug. 23, Wagner’s Gray Zone Telegram has reported that in addition to the Embraer 600, another plane belonging to the same private company that the president is piloting has been flying over Moscow. According to rumors from another well-informed channel on Telegram, the landing of Wagner’s “landing forces” was expected the day after Prigozhin’s death, but as soon as the news of the commanders’ death spread, a second plane of the Wagnerians, a -124 transport plane (Ra-820300) took off from Ulyanovsk airport . It is clear that the crew and soldiers on board “were waiting for orders as to where to fly and what to do.”

Less than an hour later, the plane landed again at the same airport. In recent days, Prigozhin has allegedly forced pilots to fly to alternate stops, turned off identification signals, and ordered parachutes to be placed on either side of the cabin. As if he was afraid of dying while flying. Furthermore, prior to the August 23 incident, another aircraft in their fleet, Hawker Ra-02791, could have been “canceled” and made to disappear, blinding transponder 140AE7 which was not displayed for several days. In short, a stealth plane. Its engines are officially “expired”. Another Hawker Ra-02878 has been under repair in Omsk since Aug. 13 and ended up in Siberia after a shuttle flight between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Embraer 600 is up for sale for $5 million. Another plane of the same company, Mnt-aero, is in southern Russia, and on August 9 it was still in Moscow. Finally, a tiny Beechcraft C90GTi was in St. Petersburg on August 18th. According to the Wall Street Journal, Prigozhin used private jets to avoid detection. He knew he was being targeted.

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marriage and errors

A Robinson Ra-06226 helicopter, the same one on which pictures of Prigozhin’s imitator were taken and distributed to journalists after the June 24 mutiny, also appears to have gone missing. And again, some witnesses would see Prigozhin working in Africa surrounded by bodyguards at the same hours and on the same day that Putin handed him over to the Kremlin, as if one of his aliases had gone to Moscow. After all, Prigozhin’s love of dualities and disguises is well known, as is his obsession with disinformation and security. One startling detail is that the wife of one of the doubles was photographed at Prigozhin’s funeral in Moscow. And again at that funeral, two women with a very important role in the holding company appeared. They are called “brunette and blonde”, they are Yulia Alexandrovna Kholodkova, referred to as the head of the financial part and all the offices of the group, and Prozorova Anna Nikolaevna, the head of the management of all real estate and the construction sector, as well as the legal sector.
And after the prophetic video in which Prigozhin talks about the fate of Russia, which will collapse “like a plane in the air,” another video spread yesterday on Telegram channels, in which Wagner’s chief says that he is in Africa on a day in the second half of August. . “I say this for the benefit of those who like to discuss my exclusion, my private life, my wealth, or whatever. Basically, I’m fine.”
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