‘We want to dismantle it…’: Revealing Putin’s true goal

‘We want to dismantle it…’: Revealing Putin’s true goal

Many analysts see prolonging the war beyond expectations as a sign of great difficulty on the part of Russiawhich probably did not take into account such strong resistance of the Ukrainian people or such a compact reaction ofthe West. Thus, the Moscow army faces huge, unexpected obstacles on the field of war, which in recent weeks have highlighted the grave danger that the military conflict will continue for a long time. Meanwhile, Russia’s ambitions appear to have changed.

Putin’s goal

From Moscow there are several indications of concerns about the outcome of the attack in Kyiv: Dmitriy Rodionovdirector of the Geopolitical Research Center of the Institute for Innovative Development close to the Russian Ministry of Defense, explained that if Ukraine had not been demilitarized and disarmed “We will remember this special military operation as a failure“.

For some time, many theoretical projects for the partition of Ukraine were studied, but at this stage, the only intention was to liberate DonbassHe was overwhelmed by events and the stubbornness of the Kyiv regime to delay the surrenderRodionov, in an interview with Corriere della Seraconsiders itdefensive operation“Because Russia’s existence will be at stake. The goal now is not to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO: we want now,” he added.Creating a new nation that protects us from Western maneuvers“.

Moscow strategy

In this sense, there are two ways to go: Crimean politicians will push for the creation of a province tauridKherson region, which is part of the Mykolaiv region, includes up to ZaporizhzhyaRather, the second option relates to the birth of A Crimean Federal DistrictWhich will include the same areas“.”Plus the Donbass either way of course‘, is the basic clarification that was made.

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The two projects differ fundamentally in the legal basis of the new subject: in the first case it is “led by Crimea“While in the second we will find ourselves in front of a real new area that could be”Paid directly from Moscow“.

What should be the new Ukrainian power? Federal Ukraine? A Ukrainian republic within Russia? Union of People’s Republics? For Dmitry Rodionov, these are aspects that he must decide ”Inhabitants of the liberated landsOn top of all this, the real interest is south and thus re-unitein one economic and social complexHowever, the timing and methods are still unknown.

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