Fuel, gasoline and diesel prices continue to rise

Fuel, gasoline and diesel prices continue to rise

Cost of petrol and diesel The price is still rising so much that the average price of petrol in self-service mode has now reached €2 per litre. These increases, combined with inflation, are sure to weigh on Italians’ pockets. Various trade associations are calling for government intervention, but Rome appears to be considering it Just some simple measures As a kind of social card for low-income families.

In the past, lowering tariffs, which allowed fuel prices to remain low, cost the state treasury a lot. However, today, the government is grappling with a financial maneuver that, it seems, will be very complicated given that… Economic resources It seems to be very limited. Therefore, it seems unlikely that there will be scope for new bonuses or tariff reductions.

However, as reported by Stavita Quotidiana, the plans began to come to fruition two days ago Conditions for charging mobile phone fees. In fact, the limit indicated in Def to start this action has been exceeded. In fact, the decree stipulates that a mobile excise duty can be imposed if the average price of Brent in euros over the last two months is higher than the level stipulated in the tariff. The reference value is about 77.4 euros. This was passed a couple of days ago.

However, Stavita Quotidiana highlights that the rule is not entirely clear since it does not define well what exactly is meant by “the previous two months”. Therefore, it is not clear whether the average price should be calculated based on calendar months (July and August in the specific case) or on a “moving” average (between July 14 and September 14 etc. depending on the period). Until now, the conditions for applying the mobile excise tax are only available in the second case.

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However, Stavita Quotidiana adds that even if the conditions for the mobile phone excise tax are met, it will always Optional intervention. The government must introduce it.

Let’s see, now, Average prices charged They were sent by managers to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy and processed by Staffetta Quotidiana.

In self-service mode, average gasoline price €1.992/litre (+5 ppt, companies 2000, white pumps 1.975). However, diesel reached €1.918/litre (+8 ppt, comp 1.927, white pumps 1.898). Move to servantsthe average price of gasoline is 2.124 euros/litre (+4 ppt, comp 2.169, white pumps 2.035), while the average price of diesel is 2.052 euros/litre (+9 ppt, comp 2.098, white pumps 1.959) .

LPG delivered averages €0.710/L (unchanged, comp 0.719, white pumps 0.700), methane delivered is €1.395/kg (+1K, comp 1.401, white pumps 1.389) and LNG €1.264. /kg (-1 thousand, companies €1,263/kg, white pumps €1,266/kg).

On the highwayHowever, self-service petrol is at €2.056/litre (offered by 2.301), diesel at €1.995/litre (offered by 2.247), LPG at €0.849/litre, methane at €1.521/kg and LNG at 1277 euros. /kg.

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