War in the Middle East.. An agreement between Israel and Hamas to extend the truce – News

War in the Middle East.. An agreement between Israel and Hamas to extend the truce – News

Hamas confirmed this morning that an agreement had been reached to “extend the calm for the seventh day.” International media reported this, citing a statement by the Palestinian Islamic Movement. Earlier, the Israel Defense Forces wrote in a post on its X account that the truce in Gaza would continue “in light of the efforts of the mediators to advance the hostage release process.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha explained that the truce in Gaza will be extended today “under the same previous conditions – namely a ceasefire and the entry of humanitarian aid – within the framework of joint mediation between the State of Qatar, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the United States of America.”

Ahed Tamimi, 22, is also among the group of Palestinians released by Israel tonight as part of the truce with Hamas. Local media reported, citing prison authorities. After becoming world famous in 2018 after slapping two Israeli soldiers in her West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, Tamimi has been in prison for the umpteenth time since November 6 following an Instagram post in Arabic and Hebrew directed at the “herds of Israeli settlers” in 2018. He said: “We are waiting for you in all the cities of the West Bank, from Hebron to Jenin. We will slaughter you and you will say that what Hitler did to you was a joke. We will drink your blood and eat your blood.” Skulls.” According to the Tamimi family, Ahed was not the one who wrote the post, which would be the result of one of the many fake accounts that took over the image of the emotional young Palestinian.

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China is calling for a “permanent and long-term humanitarian truce” in the conflict between Israel and Hamas: the parties must implement it “with immediate effect as part of a comprehensive ceasefire and end to the fighting.” This can be read in the position paper on resolving the crisis issued today by the Beijing Foreign Ministry based on several points, including a global ceasefire, protecting civilians, ensuring humanitarian assistance, and increasing diplomatic mediation and research. For the sake of a political solution. China also urges a “two-state solution” and direct negotiations between Palestine and Israel.

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In parallel, mediation efforts continued to extend the truce. Qatar, which is directly involved in the talks with Hamas, expressed its optimism, going further: after women and children, “we are moving towards the release of civilian men,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman said. “Releasing more hostages and receiving more humanitarian aid” is also a priority for the United States, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.On the eve of a new trip to Israel. But the White House has a more ambitious goal in mind: reaching a permanent truce. “Joe Biden made that clear in a message about peace.” Never before has a US president gone this far, at least publicly.

video Gaza and Hamas hand over hostages to the Red Cross

It does not appear that Israel, facing these pressures, is ready to change its line at the present time. “As long as we have our lists of abductees, we will proceed for a maximum of 10 days” in totalAn Israeli political source indicated. Based on information that Hamas is holding women and children hostage for another “two or possibly three days.” While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated that “after this stage of returning the hostages, Israel will return to war.” With the aim of eradicating Hamas from the Gaza Strip.

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Moreover, the conflict between Israel and the more extremist Palestinian wing has never stopped completely, not even in these days of the truce in the Strip. The fighting continued in the West Bank, with its center in Jenin. In the so-called Little Gaza, the Israeli army claimed to have killed Jenin Brigades commander Muhammad Zubaidi, along with another military commander, in a raid on the city’s refugee camp. Instead, the Palestinian authorities reported the killing of a nine-year-old boy and a fifteen-year-old boy. Also in Gaza, four Palestinians were killed, one while trying to return to his home in the north, and the other three because, according to the army, “they were threatening Israeli forces.”

The conflict that inflamed the sector also continued at the diplomatic level, during a session of the UN Security Council chaired by China. “This massacre must end,” is the call made by Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki. He added: “Everyone who supports the ceasefire is in fact supporting the continuation of Hamas’ terrorist rule.” The Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, responded. In this contradiction, Beijing’s demand to work on a “comprehensive and permanent ceasefire with the utmost urgency” to reach a two-state solution seems highly unrealistic at the moment.

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