North Korea and Kim: “Expansion of the launch site for ICBMs”

North Korea and Kim: “Expansion of the launch site for ICBMs”

Leader North Korea Kim Jong Un Visit Sohae satellite launch sitea test site for launching satellites and missiles on the West Coast, wondering enlargement – widening and the Update. Reports Kcnathe country’s public news agency, under which “Kim learned and assessed the current situation and announced the task of modernizing and expanding it so that various missiles could be launched to carry multi-purpose satellites, including military reconnaissance.”

A note from the Korean Central News Agency added that Kim “also established the task of building some structures.” to allow the release oflarge carrier rockets”, the commander was also assigned tasks for the construction of the “launch area, assembly facilities, missile and satellite testing”. These tasks also include “the creation of additional facilities for injection and the supply to fuel and the Update Parts of the launch control structure and important technical stations.” Kim, who conducted the field inspection, also wore a black leather jacket H . pilot model dark sunglassesHelp on “Site Capacity Expansion Issues”, including the best solutions for transporting carriers and protecting the environment “Around the launch site”.

Observers see what Pyongyang claims is a space development program as part of efforts to improve its ICBM capabilities. The Sohae site has been used in the past to put a satellite into orbit and to test various missile technologies, including stationary engines and space launch vehicles that, according to experts in Seoul and Washington, require technologies similar to those used in ICBMs. there South Korea that they United States of America It was concluded that the North Korean “reconnaissance satellite” development experiments on February 27 and Saturday were aimed at verifying a New intercontinental ballistic missile system.

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