Destiny 2: Starter Pack draws the ire of players who protest the use of tags, but Bungie is removing them

Destiny 2: Starter Pack draws the ire of players who protest the use of tags, but Bungie is removing them

Destiny 2 It recently had what is considered one of the worst microtransactions the game has released to date, with Notorious Starter packs what did he do Making players angry Due to its relatively high cost compared to the low value of its contents.

Despite the name, the Starter Pack actually does not contain contents of particular interest, and the price of $15, although not high, is Disproportionately Compared to the offer value. In fact, inside are three exotic weapons (Traveler’s Chosen, Ruinous Effigy, and Sleeper Simulant) which according to players are ancient, can easily be found in other ways, and are definitely not essential to playing the game.

There are also shiny items and cosmetic items in the pack, but they can also be easily found through other systems in the game. I mean, in general, the package was seen as kind of theft towards players, perhaps focusing on less experienced players with a name of this type.

Label protest

Destiny 2: Final Form has been delayed

According to the community, this is a clear attempt at monetization the wrong way, offering materials that can be easily found but making them pay a high price, moreover in a package called Misleadingbecause the Starter Pack may seem like an indispensable item to start the game but instead it is basically useless.

For this reason, the Destiny 2 community started a protest on Steam: in addition to the inevitable negative reviews, players also implemented a specific initiative, namely the use of… Labels Which is not actually related to the game’s features but makes fun of the package in question.

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In the last hours, we have been able to see the Destiny Starter Pack associated with labels such as “Crime”, “Capitalism”, “Villain Protagonist” and “Psychological Horror”, with of course sarcastic. It appears that Bungie has removed all the posters in question, but in the meantime it appears that the outcry has not subsided.

Destiny 2 is currently in its new Wishes season, while the next ultimate expansion, The Ultimate Forme, has been delayed until June.

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