The ex-husband will have to reward her with more than 200 thousand euros –

The ex-husband will have to reward her with more than 200 thousand euros –

In 1995, once she got married, she is now 48 years old Ivana Moral He had agreed to give up his career to take up domestic chores. Now, after the divorce in 2020, a ruling issued by the Court of First Instance and Education No. 3 of Vélez-Málaga, Spain, obliged her ex-husband to reward her with 204,624 euros for the work done in the house throughout the 25 years of their marriage. In addition, the man will also have to pay her an allowance 500 euros per month for the next two yearsAt one point, Justice Laura Ruiz Alaminos considered it “a precautionary measure so that women can re-enter the world of work.”

What does the law say

On the basis of the historical judgment (which the convicted spouse will still be able to appeal in the second degree) Article 1.438 of the Iberian Civil CodeAccording to which the husband and wife “contribute to the expenses of the marriage burdens.” In the absence of agreement, they do so in proportion to their financial resources. Housework is counted as a contribution to expenses and both spouses are entitled to compensation That the judge decides, in the absence of agreement, to terminate the system of segregation.” From this point of view, the 204.624 euros that will end up in the pockets of the woman are nothing more than The sum of the professionals’ minimum wages for all the years the spouses were married (Under the asset separation system).

Great assets

“This ruling acknowledges that your life is worth it, that your work and support are worth it, and that being in the shadows has a value and a price and has been quantified,” he told the agency. Evie Marta FuentesThe lawyer of the protagonist of the story. On the other hand, in his opinion, it was thanks to his client above all that her ex-husband “He rose like foam, became a star and was sidelined“, like He made it clear Monday to the newspaper Malaga Hoi. And according to what appeared during the trial, in fact, exactly after the wedding, uoMo made his fortune through the opening A chain of gyms, has founded or acquired many companies and is proud of Assets between 5 and 6 million euros. For this reason, and despite the fact that the amount of compensation is unprecedented in Spain for similar cases, the lawyer set the aforementioned 204.624 euros «Almost a pittance».

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He will also have to support his daughters

However, this is not all, since the person concerned will also have to take care of the preservation two daughters Born in wedlock, one is 14 years old and the other is 20 years old respectively With 400 and 600 euros per month. “We hope that the district court will reflect a lot before canceling this sentence – concluded Fuentes, A Malaga Hoi, in view of the following degree of judgment -. Should be a rule. The fact that a woman devotes her whole life to her children should have value». And so (at least for now) it was.

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