38 hours attached to the boards at sea

38 hours attached to the boards at sea

survived for 38 hours at seaThey were all found alive Australian surfers that have been announced Dispersed Last Sunday after a storm hit a remote area inIndonesia Where they were going to do water sports.

Found floating in the open sea

Three Australian surfers, along with two Indonesians, were tracked surfing their boards in the open ocean. To find them was one of the boats operating in Rescue and recovery operations.

A fourth Australian surfer was later recovered.

However, one crew member, an Indonesian, was missing.

Surfer’s father: ‘My petrified son’

Peter Foote The father of an Australian survivor explained to The Guardian that his son was “freaked out” as he drifted on his skateboard during the night.

Expedition and Tempest

The group left last sunday from despairan area popular with surfers, and headed toPenang Island. On the way, he ran into a storm, which caused heavy rain.

The boat hit a big wave and everyone on board was thrown into the water.

The other boat in the group managed to reach the island, thus sounding the alarm.

A video of the rescue appeared on the net. In the video, you can watch the disbelieving surfers on their boards as they spot lifeguards giving them cries of joy.

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And the authorities announced that the search is continuing to find the last member of the group who is still missing.

Image source: Ansa

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