Waking up happy is possible, thanks to the perfect wake-up call. Science says so

Waking up happy is possible, thanks to the perfect wake-up call.  Science says so

Yoga before bed, happy last thought before bed, good sleep quality – these are just some of the things we have incorporated into our routine To make waking up more fun. But do they really work?

Personal experiences tell us no. Although we sleep early, and do so in the best of circumstances, we seem to repeat the same thing every morning. Morning drama. The alarm clock blaring in our dreams and the desire to stay a little longer between the blankets do nothing but increase our desire not to leave the bed.

In short, nothing we do looks like You guarantee us a happy awakening, lively and lively, just like the ones we see on TV, at least for now. In fact, science seems to have pinpointed the secret to a good mood upon waking and we expect this to be found in The perfect DIY alarm clock.

Waking up happy in the morning

Nobody likes to wake up tired, lacking in energy and in a bad mood, because then we know that our whole day will depend on these emotions we feel. Formerly PythagorasCenturies ago, the same question we face today arose: which melodies could ensure a more energetic awakening? He understood, first of all, that some sounds, rather than others, were more effective for better awakening.

Then think about it Modern science To make his verses more accurate. In fact, there are several studies that have investigated sleep and wakefulness. What has been shown is that some of them are able to stimulate our minds and make getting out of sleep better.

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From the latest field research published in Journal of sleep disorders and treatment. Experts from the School of Media and Communication at the University of Melbourne have tried to figure out how to defeat the so-called “sleep inertia“, or that General numbness condition experienced during the early hours of the morning.

What emerged from the research is that they are there Some of the most effective melodies Compared to the high-pitched or non-melodic alerts we usually set on our smartphones.

Alarm do it yourself

So it eliminates the traditional beep beep It is the musical background to our awakening, experts recommend Do you prefer instrumental music? Or natural sounds, such as sea waves, stream water, or birds chirping. This choice will be more effective in stimulating the brain Compare to alert tones Which we usually set as an alarm.

It goes without saying that the better we wake up, the better the mood in which we prepare to face the day, which inevitably also affects personal and professional performance. But that’s not all, because experts also declare it Hum the song selected for himself As a stimulant, when we open our eyes, it can stimulate the brain more and do so Get out of the state of numbness where is it.

Looking at what has been written so far, it seems to us that we have found The secret of a happy and energetic awakening. All we have to do is set the alarm with a song or tone that is muted as soon as we open our eyes.

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