Athens Academy of Sciences rewards Professor Mongelli di Castellaneta

Athens Academy of Sciences rewards Professor Mongelli di Castellaneta

Castellaneta – Castellaneta on armor during the International Energy Conference in Athens.

The credit goes entirely to the engineer Domenico Mongelli: a well-known professor in the city of Valentino, in fact he received an award from the World Academy of Sciences for his research in the field of global warming, renewable energies and new technologies.

In fact, the engineer Mongelli gave a judicial lecture on his valuable research carried out at the Institute of Higher Education “Mauro Pironi” in Castellaneta (where he was a teacher before moving to university research), in the presence of students and school staff, and in electronic connection with the International Scientific Technical Committee of Athens, which She approved and rewarded his research. Professor Mongelli presented, in brief, the results of his research in Italian and English, which, through the design and development of new algorithms and innovative computational codes, evaluates the energy, environmental and economic impact resulting from the intensive introduction of heat pumps and electricity for solar power plants. Building air conditioning to replace fossil fuel boilers in all regions of the world, as a technological solution to deal with the current energy crisis associated with increasing energy bills and mitigate global warming and the resulting climate changes while reducing greenhouse gas emissions that can be achieved by reducing dependence on fuel. Fossil. Scientists from more than 100 countries, belonging to all five continents of the world, attended the thesis via video link: they unanimously expressed their admiration and gratitude for this research, which aims to improve the current global situation of energy and environment and contribute to the advancement of scientific progress. For the well-being of all humanity. In recent years, the engineer from Castellano Domenico Mongelli has been awarded four times by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, the most important research center in the world. Last but not least, he was honored last year during the European Geothermal Congress in Berlin, where he presented his innovative work on the topic of environmental transformation based on the use of underground thermal energy to air condition buildings in front of 1,200 scientists. .

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